7 scenarios when in-person business meetings are better

Kiran Sidhu
Kiran Sidhu
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Hybrid work has become the default for many employees after virtual meetings gained popularity during the pandemic. While this offers a viable option for employees, business associates and clients to connect; there are instances where in-person business meetings are just the better and more effective choice to make when organising a business meeting.

Companies are rethinking how they do business travel, and the once busy office spaces are underutilised and used only periodically. The hybrid work model gives everyone the flexibility to work both from home and in the office. This model is one that allows you to balance all the benefits of in-person meetings with the ability to manage your personal and professional schedules.

There are many situations where virtual meetings are convenient and get the job done, but there are many benefits to physical meetings, especially when done right. When are in-person business meetings just a lot better than virtual meetings? Here are 8 scenarios when business travel or in-person meetings are the smarter way. 

1. Sales and negotiation 

According to a survey done by Globaltrender, the UK’s leading travel trend forecasting agency, 76% of people agree that being face-to-face with a client is preferable to remote working for sales meetings and pitching. 

Non-verbal expressions, eye contact and body language make up a good percentage of communication. Behind a screen, we miss out on these cues that play an important part in building trust and conveying meaning. 

Meeting your clients face-to-face gives you an upper edge, improves the experience and puts you in a better position when it comes to negotiation.

2. Providing technical support

Depending on the nature of your business, customer service and support can be valuable when offered virtually at the click of a button. However, when it comes to business critical reasons such as equipment repair, replacement or construction, business travel for timely, hands-on support is key. Fulfilling your contractual obligations and showing up when it matters most for people puts you in a favourable position above competitors.

3. Team-building & motivating employees

After working remotely for so long, bringing employees together will help foster personal connections and boost morale. Creating experiences where employees can come together gives room for more genuine conversations and uplifts team spirit. 

Fostering the community spirit of employees within your organisation can go a long way in improving work performance – employees are more motivated and committed to delivering their best when they feel more connected to one another and the overall business purpose.

4. Collaboration for projects & ideas

Two-way communication becomes so much easier when your team is in the same room. There’s no longer the lag of video meetings and issues with choppy internet to put up with. Overall, you have the opportunity to have more conducive meetings in creative settings to spark new ideas and share knowledge. 

5. Building relationships with stakeholders

There’s nothing quite like a good dinner meeting or well-planned event to build lasting connections or deeper relationships with clients, investors and other business partners. Showing up for your stakeholders signifies a level of commitment above your competitors and allows you to build a trust-based bond. 

Networking in a world of hybrid work may look different but ultimately, physical meetings lead to more natural conversations that aren’t just transactional. 

6. Site visits for expansion & key suppliers

If you are looking to expand your business internationally, site visits are part of the process before deciding on the ideal location. Once the team has carried out rigorous demographic and infrastructure research, on-site due diligence of short-listed locations is needed for a thorough understanding. This includes meetings or negotiations with utility providers, real estate brokers, staffing agencies, and other parties relevant to your business.

7. Training & workshops

Want to improve company output? Want to boost turnover? Want to increase business performance? Then training and workshops are essential to your organisation’s growth. 

Every business is a reflection of its staff. So, if the staff is up and doing, the business will do better. In-person training and workshops go a long way to ensure better participation and more engagement. 

While there are tools for virtual workshops, the seamlessness and immersion of learning physically are tough to replicate online. Plus being in the same room with a guest speaker or trainer allows for easier communication and direct 1-on-1 coaching if needed. Employees are also more likely to network with other participants and form a community for long-term knowledge-sharing post-event. 

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