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Travel Management

that is more than a booking platform

that reduces bureaucracy

that improves travel experience

that reduces total cost

that provides flexible travel

that lets me book how I want to

that takes Health & Safety seriously

that is designed for travellers

Managing cost

Our extensive travel options, enhanced insights and intelligent management system gets your travellers where they need to be, in a way that works for you.

Managing travel risks

With world-leading risk intelligence, emergency support, medical support and effective insurance options built in and accessible as standard, we give you the tools needed to keep your team safe. All built-in. All at your fingertips.

Creating better travel experiences

Whether it's giving you more choices, integrating to your other business solutions, or changing how your team travel, our integrations and additions give your business and travellers a trully great experience.

Simplicity meets completeness

Make TruTrip perfect for you.
Our travel solution offers simple and intuitive booking experience, advanced travel insights,
huge choice, integrated policy, management tools, travel risk intelligence and a lot more.

Simple and intuitive experience
Advanced travel insights and huge choice of options
Integrated policy and management tools
Travel risk intelligence at your fingertips
and a lot lot more

  • Straight forward and self serve
  • Huge range of travel choices
  • Advanced intelligence for better decisions
  • Fully supported 24x7
  • Get set up and booking in less than 5 mins
  • Easy to set up policies and approval flows
  • Single source of actionable travel data
  • Duty of Care ready travel risk management
  • Intelligent dynamic restrictions
  • Select the right integration to make TruTrip right for you
  • Simple to add and manage
  • Only add what you need and avoid unnecessary charges

Reduce travel cost by up to 30%

TruTrip gives you customisable policies, low-cost travel inventory options, and cost effective payments to be more efficient with your travel cost.

Most importantly, we are always transparent of any additional fees and charges helping you see where your money goes.

Mindful Travel Management

With travel options for every budget as well as trip enhancements such as lounge access, car services and insurances available to everyone, you will be able to empower your travellers to make the right choices for them.

Our traveller dashboard and travel risk data provides you the information you need to monitor and care for the business’ travellers.

See why over 200 companies have already made the switch

Solutions made just for you

Built for business, made for travellers.

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