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Our priority in the Product team right now is delivering solutions that help you and your business return to travel as smoothly as possible. In our latest release we’ve focused on simplifying the cancellation process for our users and making it easier to manage traveller information.

Simplified cancellations

Let’s face it, travel is going to be a lot more unpredictable than in the ‘before times’. While the rapid rate of vaccinations across the globe sets out a roadmap for the return of international flights, managing changes to bookings will undoubtedly become a bigger burden for travellers and travel managers. With this in mind we’ve improved how booking cancellations and modifications are managed within TruTrip. Our goal was to remove the complexity and ambiguity that customer’s tell us is often their main pain point when booking travel. With our new implementation, just select the part of the booking you want to cancel or change, specify what you need, and our customer services team will take care of the rest.

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Improved user management

We anticipate that travel documentation needs will get increasingly complex in the future, with PCR test results and some form of vaccination passports likely to be required by airlines. Whilst the wider solutions for these problems are still being developed in the market, we’ve improved our user interface for storing traveller documentation so that we’re ready to integrate with partners when the time comes. We’ve also made it easier to create user groups and assign managers so that users can ensure their booking approval flow is set up to match their organisation.

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That’s all for this update, we’ve got something big for our next release which I’m excited to share with you in our next update.

For now, stay safe

TruTrip Product team

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