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The rollout of Covid-19 vaccines around the world is a great step towards reducing travel risk. Business travel is sure to surge as travel restrictions ease up and companies brace themselves to reap new opportunities.

But there other travel risks to consider. The recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and protests in the United States is a glaring reminder to continue prioritising traveller safety.

What does restarting travel mean for your business? As your company regains business momentum, it is beneficial to reduce costs and risks. Here’s how we can help.

Reducing travel risk

It is smart practice to establish ‘worst case scenario’ health and safety protocols. For example, have a procedure in place to repatriate your business travellers at any time, any place, especially in this uncertain time.

Collaborating with Riskline, a travel risk intelligence platform, TruTrip provides up-to-date travel location data and travel alerts that will help every business traveller to create an acute sense of awareness of risk, as well as a two-way communication for both travellers and the management. 

These real-time alerts are incorporated into TruTrip’s single view Traveller Dashboard that allows you to track your business travellers in real-time. The Traveller Dashboard allows you to easily view booking details made by your business travellers from flight to car reservation details. 

TruTrips travellers dashboard 1
TruTrip’s traveller dashboard

Our 24/7 customer service team ensures open communication channels with your team and are ready to help in any time of need. 

Controlling travel spend

A tight but flexible travel policy is known to deliver up to 30% in savings when done right. TruTrip’s policy builder offers agile rules setting, smart budget planning and transparent controls that will help you find travel solutions that fit your company and team.

The latest travel restrictions are also incorporated into our platform through our Covid Entry Check tool. By using the smart policy builder, you can be sure that your company travel policy is adhered to every time.

TruTrips smart travel policy builder
TruTrip’s smart policy builder

This is especially handy if the business traveller chooses to extend or upgrade their flight or accommodation for leisure or comfort purposes. TruTrip provides travellers with the flexibility to top up and pay the difference in fare on their own, if the budget is exceeded.

In these uncertain times, be ready for any last-minute cancellation and a price hike in fares due to the cost of social distancing. Partnering together with FWD Insurance, TruFlex protects up to 80% of your trip and allows you to cancel anytime you need to.

Recover stronger

Contact us to find out how our Builder’s Programme can help to reduce travel risk and control cost. Grow with TruTrip, a seamless all-in-one travel partner that takes you places.

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