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Business travel is up and booming now. A visible shift in corporate travel trends is seen this year and people and companies are willing to invest in proper corporate travel management systems for smooth running and tracking of business travels. According to the survey done by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), 46% of business travellers are moving to online booking tools (OBTs) more nowadays but what online booking tools miss, is where Travel Management Companies (TMCs) conquer.

Travel management goes beyond booking flights and accommodations, it is only the beginning. More often than not, the details that come after making the bookings are where a travel management company steps in to make things convenient. They take care of things like last-minute delays, currency shortages, loss of any personal belongings, insurance, medical emergencies, etc.

When it comes to corporate travel, it is very important to keep things crisp and within a hand’s reach. Business travellers already have short timelines and busy schedules. This is where a travel management company comes into the picture.

Key features a travel manager should look for in picking a corporate travel management company

The process of deciding and choosing a TMC can be overwhelming, so here are some key product features to look for:

1. Integrated destination health and safety information

A BT Fit to fly

TruTrip’s Fit to Fly feature allows you to see if an employee is fit to travel depending on the destination’s requirements

With travel information available at the click of a button, a system that enables a list of highlighted travel requirements and protocols could be a winner. This feature in place would help business travellers keep up with each country’s changing travel restrictions and requirements.

2. Real human support 


Trutrip offers round-the-clock real-person support

We live in a world of chatbots. But how about real-time help? A TMC with real people to provide real-time solutions from pre to post-travel-related issues could help with all the last-minute confusion and travel anxiety that people across the world are facing. A good TMC provides 24/7 support assistance in case something goes wrong at the destination.

3. Policy regulated bookings

2 TM automated policy 1

TruTrip’s platform allows you to pre-set how your employees can book

Travel managers can automate their company travel policy and only show pre-approved options to the booking and request. Here, managers can set different policies for different sets of employees. With a TMC like TruTrip, you can even customize your travel policies to the utmost detail and target accordingly. TMCs also offer flexibility with trip rescheduling and cancellations in case of emergencies. Managers have full control of the system and it helps manage and maintain costs, risks and productivity.

4. Data and insights on the environmental impact of the travel itinerary

With the global travel scenario slowly moving into the sustainability bubble, industries and governments making visible efforts to reduce carbon emotions and collaborate collectively towards greener travel methods, a good TMC provides complete transparency on the date and insights on the environmental impact of a respective travel itinerary. This comes to use especially for companies who want to tap their CO2 footprints and make conscious efforts and create positive awareness and motivation amongst their employees.

5. Looking after your post-trip essentials

When you finish with your travels, the last thing you want on your to-do list is to gather all checklists and receipts for you to claim at your workplace. A good TMC sorts that out for you. It helps you keep track of your expenses and make the desired claims hassle-free. For travel managers especially, the expense report section will reduce manual stress and help smoothen the process of planning and booking business trips.

Expense management 1024x546 1

TruTrip gives you post-travel reports with one click

A good travel management partner can help you at every stage of your travel planning. In times of the pandemic, the whole travel scenario has shifted. From international borders being shut for the largest span in the history of travel, travel anxiety and health and precaution are everybody’s number one priority. A good TMC will offer you everything you need right from pre-planning to executing, to post-travel convenience.

Do you want your next business trip to be stress-free?

At TruTrip we provide you with smart and thoughtful business travel solutions. Find the best travel management solution for you and your company. We’re always thinking of how we can make business travel better and easier for you. Book a demo or sign up for a free trial to see how TruTrip can take you places. 

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