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You can expand your networking circle by simply going to work in Singapore. With many professionals sharing the same space, you’re bound to run into people who may or may not be in the same industry. Nonetheless, even a brief conversation with some of them during a coffee break can help forge a strong bond that can be useful to either of you in the future.

Coworking spaces allow you to meet like-minded people, especially the ones designated for a particular niche. You have the opportunity to meet an individual that could potentially be in need of your services. It creates avenues to rub minds with people of like passion. There are a lot of networking benefits you can get by working in coworking spaces.

When networking in a coworking space, you have to be conversational. Strike up conversations, and ask questions. Share knowledge on your specialities that can potentially benefit the other person. 

Apart from the volume of fun activities your team can do in Singapore, it is also one of the most active coworking space markets in the Asia-Pacific region. This is due to the city’s thriving startup culture and the numerous government incentives that encourage innovation and the formation of new businesses.

Here are a few coworking spaces in Singapore that you can work at during your business trip:

In this article, we'll take a look at:

1. One and Co

about design

One&Co is a Platform for Innovative Businesses that believe in fostering connection and collaboration by creating an inclusive community. To that end, they provide Flexi-desk options to both solo entrepreneurs and mobile teams. They believe that a third space that allows people to not only do their work in a comfortable environment but also meet and interact with other like-minded people on their own time creates a more fulfilling work experience.

East Japan Railway Company (JR-EAST) was established to connect and facilitate business between Japan, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. A Japanese design firm created their space, which features large windows that allow natural light to pass through. The open concept design promotes openness and serenity, allowing for chance encounters and connections. We are community builders, a hub for people to collaborate, learn, and create with one another. 

Here’s a summary of the prices range for each section 

  • Private Offices Begin at $1,600
  • Dedicated Desk Starting at $780
  • From $ 700 for a hot desk
  • Starting at $100 for a virtual office
  • Drop-ins begin at $15.

2. We work 

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Consider an office with cubicles, small spaces, and everyone at their Desk. Now toss out that image and go check out WeWork. The international retailer opened its 200th location at Beach Centre, a sight to behold. It looks more like your dream house than a stuffy office space, with plants, comfy leather sofas, lots of natural light, and pastel colours. Don’t even get us started on the lovely Robinson Road branch. 

All of that gorgeous midcentury modern furniture makes us extremely happy. The patterned, cheerful-coloured carpets, curvy staircase, contemporary artworks, and much-appreciated phone booths all appeal!WeWork features a pantry stocked with fresh fruit water, micro-roast coffee, craft beer on draft, and 24-hour office access. Prices vary by location and range from $520 per month for hot desking to $1250 per month for a private office space.

3. Workbuddy


With just one app, you can access Singapore’s largest network of coworking spaces! With over 35 of Singapore’s top coworking spaces, you can access various inspiring coworking spaces as and when needed. Rather than being locked into long-term contracts in which you must continue to pay whether or not you use the area, 

Workbuddy’s membership plans are flexible, rolling monthly, and you can cancel at any time. Work close to home, clients, or even your child’s school! Install the Workbuddy app, select a workspace, and check-in. It’s that easy! They offer multiple choices, flexibility, grand spaces, and convenience. They allow people to network and build connections. The prices ranges are pretty affordable and range from $129/month to $299/month.

4. Level3


Level3, a one-of-a-kind coworking and events space connected to Unilever’s regional headquarters in Mapletree Business City, Singapore, brings together startups, corporate, and ecosystem partners to drive innovation and forge new partnerships with meaningful business impact. They also have 246 workspaces, including ten exclusive Team Suites, Personal Desks, and Hot Desks. Their workspace has natural lighting and quiet zones to create a conducive environment for a productive work day. 

This one-of-a-kind coworking space connects tech entrepreneurs, startups, and ecosystem partners. In a 22,000 square foot space, it provides private office suites and dynamic hot desks. You’ll have plenty of room and opportunities to connect with brands and individuals! They have different sections, and the prices depend on the spaces. Community member is $100/month; community + member is $275/month, hot Desk from $400 and personal Desk $650/month.

5. The Hive 

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They provide beautiful flexible workspaces for global entrepreneurs and creatives, transforming the work landscape. They have Asia’s largest coworking network. The Hive, foundedHive2012 by British entrepreneur Constant Tedder, is a fast-growing, dynamic company with 21 locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia. With their Hivers App and innovative open spaces, you can spark deep connections across our network at the Hive, allowinHiveu to transcend industries, roles, and locations. Their beautifully designed rooms offer flexible membership plans, including hot desks and private offices.

To provide an exceptional Hive Experience, they value their vibrant community of like-minded and inspiring people and take the time to understand our members’ needs with an entrepreneurial mindset. Their Hive memberships include access to all Hive events, making it ideal for making new connections, forming creative collaborations, and improving your professional skills. The following are the prices:

  • One-day pass – $30
  • Hot Desk – $300 a month 10 Day Pass – $180
  • Fixed desk – $450 a month
  • Private Office – Starting at $3,800 per month

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