How digitalization helps save business travel costs

Krizia Mojado
Krizia Mojado
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The recovery of the corporate travel sector post-pandemic has outpaced initial forecasts by analysts a year earlier than previously thought. After enduring an extended period of restricted in-person business interactions, firms are eager to dispatch their mobile workforce on journeys aimed at assessing new markets, establishing promising connections, and strengthening existing ones.

YouBiz, YouTrip’s dedicated corporate card and spend management platform, reported corporate travel expenses among the top three financial drains for small and medium-sized businesses in Singapore, sharing the podium with software acquisition and promotional expenditures. 

Subsequently, the approach businesses adopt toward T&E management greatly influences the entity’s net income and overall financial performance. This fact underscores why over 60% of SMEs have embraced digital strategies to reduce and streamline their operational overheads linked to managing corporate travel.

In this piece, we’ll be exploring some of the ways technology can help you save on business travel. And to supercharge savings, we’ll be introducing our newest partner, Youbiz!

Automate business travel policies 

Businesses facing rising travel costs are increasingly turning to digital solutions for efficiency. A key tactic is using automated policies to encourage early bookings, potentially cutting airfare costs by up to 58%.

These digital tools integrate smoothly into existing travel procedures, promoting bookings and simplifying expense tracking and reporting. This not only enhances transparency but also allows for real-time adjustments to travel policies.

Additionally, the data analytics provided by these tools help businesses understand travel spending patterns, aiding in cost reduction and improving traveller satisfaction. They can also forecast future expenses, aiding in effective budget planning.

Maximize cashback opportunities and minimize foreign exchange fees

In a globalized world where every foreign country is virtually a neighbour, companies often find themselves playing tug-of-war with pesky foreign exchange fees as their business travellers trot the globe. 

Modern digital solutions efficiently reduce foreign exchange fees and boost cashback rewards. They monitor expenses in real-time, offering competitive exchange rates and insights into spending patterns, aiding in cost-effective international business operations.

A notable aspect of these tools is the free multi-currency accounts, allowing users to exchange and store funds in different currencies at favourable rates, leading to significant savings and more predictable international budgeting.

Additionally, these solutions offer cashback on various expenses, adding further savings. In an increasingly digital world, businesses must adopt these travel management tools. They provide real-time travel updates, easy access to travel services, and streamlined expense reporting, essential for smooth business travel.

Leveraging these digital tools helps businesses streamline operations and ensures a hassle-free travel experience for employees. As business travel evolves, the role of digitalisation in creating cost-effective and efficient travel practices grows increasingly important.

Enhance spending visibility and real-time tracking

In today’s fast-paced business environment, managing expenses requires clear oversight and quick action. Companies are increasingly using automated travel policies and corporate cards to gain a detailed view of their spending.

This approach shines a light on managing business travel costs. Automating transactions with corporate cards speeds up the logging and sorting of expenses, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. Digital tools also provide real-time expense tracking, offering up-to-date financial snapshots.

With this information, businesses can make quick, informed decisions and identify cost-saving opportunities, like enforcing early booking policies to control expenses.

Finance leaders also play a key role by setting budgets and spending limits on corporate cards, which helps prevent overspending and maintain tight financial control.

Overall, using automated booking systems and transparent corporate card policies streamlines expense management and provides valuable insights for reducing travel costs, enhancing the company’s financial well-being.

For business travellers and managers, digital tools offer numerous advantages. Employees can easily manage itineraries, monitor expenses, and check in for flights using mobile apps, focusing more on the purpose of their trip. These apps also enable companies to send real-time updates and alerts to travelling employees, ensuring quick communication and increased safety. Managers benefit from these apps as well, as they provide easy access to essential travel data for tracking and managing travel expenses efficiently.

What is YouBiz? 

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YouBiz, brought to you by YouTrip, offers a corporate card that stands out with its unlimited 1% cashback and no foreign exchange fees on transactions in over 150 currencies. It’s straightforward: no account fees, no minimum spending requirements, no restrictions on cashback categories, and no cashback limits.

Additionally, YouBiz includes a versatile multi-currency expense management platform that supports nine different currencies, helping businesses manage budgets for projects or departments more effectively.

With features like free multi-currency accounts, unlimited virtual and physical cards, and savings on remittances, YouBiz is tailored to support the growth of businesses.

Choose YouBiz for transparent, global business transactions without the burden of hidden cross-border fees.

TruTrip x Youbiz: Making Corporate Travel Spend Smarter

The business travel management scene is always on the move, thanks partly to the speedy digital transformation that’s flipping the script on expense management. But there’s more now: TruTrip’s partnership with YouBiz adds cashback returns and sharp-eyed monitoring of foreign exchange fees to the mix, making business travel truly a streamlined and pocket-friendly operation. 

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This partnership reflects the evolving need of businesses for digital solutions. By blending TruTrip’s features with YouBiz’s, companies can fully experience the benefit of digital travel spend management tools. 
It’s time to revamp your business travel management and experience the TruTrip difference firsthand. Request a demo or sign up for a free trial today and make your travel game a whole lot better.