4 Ways Technology Benefits Your Corporate Travel Management

Kiran Sidhu
Kiran Sidhu
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Managing corporate travel is a lot more straightforward and efficient with the use of technology. When done manually, corporate travel management is incredibly resource-intensive. In monitoring traveller whereabouts, researching the right travel requirements, and assuring travellers of their safety and smooth travels; there are just too many factors and the chances of shortfalls are high.

New data from the GBTA and Serko indicates how COVID-19 has influenced change in corporate travel strategies and plans – particularly in online booking procedures, policies, and approvals. What does technology have to offer? Easy bookings, implementation of travel policies, monitoring, travel alerts and business tools.

Investing in business travel drives business growth and keeps employees happy. Replacing the charm of face-to-face interaction is nearly impossible with video meetings behind a computer screen. Here are some compelling stats:

  • According to an Asia Pacific survey, over 81 per cent of respondents agree that in-person client encounters are critical for business recovery. Face-to-face events were also deemed crucial by 53 per cent of respondents for encouraging and fostering team bonding and building company culture.
  • According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), non-essential domestic corporate travel is now permitted by 86% of companies, up from 73% in the GBTA’s February poll.

If you’re looking to revamp how your corporate travel management, here are 4 ways a technology-driven travel management company can help you: 

1) Implementing travel policy & easy approvals

With this technology, companies can have travel requests and approvals in one place. This removes the need for a manual process that could be time-consuming and require several stages of review before approval. Managers can do away with using spreadsheets and keeping track of long email chains, which can be time-consuming. With a single click and clear overview, travel managers have all the information they need and can approve travel requests easily.

5 TM Approvals

What a travel manager would see on the approvals page at TruTrip’s platform

A common challenge is the implementation of the company travel policy. Your company may have a comprehensive travel policy in place but if not communicated to employees or effectively enforced, non-compliance leads to more money spent, duty of care issues and more.

If your travellers book outside of your policies, they’re likely spending more than you’d like. Automating your company travel policy prevents this breakdown from happening.

With a smart policy builder, you are able to customise your travel policies to a granular level making it simple to keep staff on the same page with business policy and within budget. Once you set up your travel policy within the platform, your travellers can book travel knowing fully well they are in compliance.

2 TM automated policy

On TruTrip’s platform, admins can set a customized budget limit for each department or team in their company

2) Reports In A Snap

The ability to access, aggregate, and visualize data to guide choices is arguably the most critical part of any successful program. Reporting tools can help you see your full travel spend in one place and generate travel reports with a single click. 

These reports can help with decision-making on cost control, sustainable travel practices, policy changes and more. The best part – your team doesn’t need to spend hours consolidating information and creating reports. Finance, HR, and management teams can get the reports they need in minutes with a single click.

1 TM Track spending 1

TruTrup allows you to download financial reports in one click

3) Reserve time for actual work instead of admin tasks

The time saved on manual requests and approvals, keeping up with travel restrictions, and booking flights and hotels from different agencies can all be put on the company’s actual operations. Managers save time by being organized and efficient with streamlined processes.

Whether you’re in charge of a major multinational travel program or a small group of staff, corporate travel management makes your day-to-day tasks easier. It assists you in putting in place the processes and plans that will help you achieve your objectives and support your travellers.

Travellers save time with centralized, integrated travel programmes because they streamline the booking process, make travel requests easy, and provide all the information and service they need to make their trip a breeze. Business travellers no longer have to frantically search for flight arrangements, and second-guess if their booking is within policy. Instead of spending time comparing prices across different platforms, or planning out the logistics of an impending trip, your employees can focus on their role and deliver stellar performance.

4) Save money up to 30%

With extensive travel inventory all in one place, you get all the choices you need to meet your budget right at your fingertips. The right travel management solution can save you up to 30% with travel flexibility, choice, tracking tools, and smart policy.

Consider your travel management provider carefully, and ask about how they compare against their competitors. If cost control is a top priority for you, find a solution that guarantees you the lowest cost.

Ready to level up your corporate travel management? 

Our TruTrip platform is designed with the traveller in mind, and we would be happy to assist you in bringing your corporate travel management to the next level. To explore how we can meet all of your business travel needs, book a demo or sign up for a free trial.