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The use of remote communication channels is ubiquitous, but it is not always a substitute for business travel. Face-to-face interaction is still preferred among 76% of business travellers for sales meetings and pitching. However, business travel is now much more complex with multiple service providers along the value chain. To meet all your travel management needs, you need a dynamic solution that covers the A to Z of business travel.

TruTrip is a platform that simplifies and strengthens all your travel management processes without risking the support or service that you need. No contracts or commitments – we are confident with the value we can bring. 

One-stop travel solution

TruTrip's booking screen
TruTrip’s booking screen

TruTrip provides you with a huge number of travel options through our partnership with the world’s biggest suppliers including Agoda and Skyscanner. We have New Distribution Capability (NDC) and provide both full and low cost carrier options. 

When it comes to employee travel requests, we know it requires a good amount of time and effort to manage large volumes, track approvals and untangle from the endless “email spiral” – which only gets worse when you have more than one traveller per trip. TruTrip offers you a simpler and more straightforward solution with its well-organised dashboard. Each traveller owns their own travel profile – removing the need to ask and maintain sensitive information or needing to key it in again each trip.

Think of TruTrip as your round-the-clock assistant that gives you support before, during and after your travels. If a traveller is stranded in the airport or needs a place to get work done before meetings, we can help by securing lounge access or booking the nearest co-working space. 

Smart policy customisation 

Smart Policy Builder
TruTrip’s smart policy builder

Our smart policies give you flexibility and transparency in managing your business travel expenditure. By setting up your travel policy within TruTrip, travellers will be able to make bookings that fall within your company travel budget. 

Budget control and policy compliance can be a real travel headache but are important to help the business meet its needs and keep safe. Corporate travel costs can go as high as $597 per day in Tokyo, one of the most popular cities in Asia. Transportation, lodging, attendance at conferences, or even per diem for meals and miscellaneous expenses – the costs simply add up. 

Some of the typical challenges around travel policy include low compliance and confusing policy updates. Moreover, “blanket rules” within the policy could also defeat the objective of lowering travel cost. For example – if you only allow employees to book 3* hotels, this may incur higher costs since certain 4* hotel rates are lower.  

At TruTrip, travel policies are not just arbitrary lines in the sand. Our Smart Policy tool enables you to set your limits based on real price. This granular tool also allows you to make policy exceptions when needed. Once your travel policy is created on the platform, it ensures automatic compliance and will flag any requests that need approvals.

TruTrip’s smart policy builder is also flexible to change. You can set different travel policies for across employee tiers and groups. In collaboration with Riskline, you will also be armed with our travel alerts. If you have cause for concern about a destination, you can respond quickly and change travel requirements on Smart Policy with just two clicks.

Better travel experience

TruTrip user dashboard
TruTrip’s user dashboard

The wellness trend is emerging slowly but surely in business travel. Travel experience has quickly grown to be one of the most sought-after components with nearly 8 out of 10 travellers linking their travel experience to their overall job satisfaction. 

At TruTrip, we understand the complexity of meeting these nuanced needs and have developed the first business ready travel store — giving you and your team access to the right arrangements for them but maintaining the benefits of a corporate travel solution.  Our apps bring a multitude of solutions; road transportations, travel tips,  real-time updates and alerts and much more that gives your travellers a hassle-free trip. And, our solutions don’t stop at “on trip” – with apps such as expenses integrations we offer you the opportunity to make travellers and travel manager’s lives easier throughout the travel lifecycle.

Staying organised

Expense management
Expense management solution

Keeping track of transactions, bills and receipts can be a tedious process. TruTrip removes the hassle by giving you a clear overview of monthly traveller spend. You can filter your travel spend according to user group, location, time buckets and other criteria for convenient reporting. In addition, the user management tool allows you to add travellers and more than one administration personnel onto the platform. Instead of lengthy back-and-forth communication with travel managers, travellers can use TruTrip to request trip approvals at the click of a button.

Duty of Care

Live map
Travel restrictions live map

Let’s face it, all business travellers are exposed to risk whenever they take a business trip. Local riots, natural disasters or the recent Covid-19 outbreak – you have to be ready to keep your travellers safe. With TruTrip, we provide you with a 24/7 customer service that allows travellers to speak to our travel agent. Together with Riskline, TruTrip notifies travel managers when there’s an emergency – so you will be able to check if the travellers are safe as well as quickly prevent plans being made further. Riskline information can also update business travellers with the necessary information and allow you to act accordingly, whether by repatriation or emergency evacuation.

Want to know more about how TruTrip can help you? Get in touch or book a demo with us, we’ll be happy to show you around. 

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