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Packing for business travel during Covid-19 is about more than protective face masks and hand sanitisers. We now have a whole new set of concerns and travel requirements to take into account. If you tend to leave behind essential items when packing for your business trip, a travel checklist will definitely be useful – especially now, when there is much more to consider. 

We have compiled a handy travel checklist to make sure you are well-prepared before your business trip. Travel safe and with ease by using these packing tips that cover everything a business traveller needs to know. 

1. Do your research

Not all travellers are planners but researching well beforehand gives you a better understanding of your trip. The first thing on your travel checklist during Covid-19 should be research and planning. Look up possible scenarios and prepare yourself as best as you can. Recovery rate and measures taken to curb the spread differs in every country, hence it is very important for travellers to go through all the information beforehand. 

With TruTrip, you can get travel safety tips on Covid Entry Check, such as risk level, quarantine order or green lane status just to name a few in both your departing and arriving cities. The information available is especially useful for both the travel managers and travellers prior to making any travel plans and bookings. 

2. Think gadget

Innovation sure is spurred by necessity. In this “new normal”, include some handy smart gadgets on your travel checklist to take the edge off the pandemic. First and foremost, the use of contactless payment is surging and has quickly become the most preferred payment method. Among all the digital wallets, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are some of the common ones that are available in stores around the world.

When it comes to keeping safe from the germs on high touch surfaces, you can opt for  this pocket-size hygiene-hook that allows you to open, hold and close doors. If you are looking for a high tech alternative to surface sanitisers, a portable UV wand would be a good addition to your travel checklist as it is able to kill 99.9% of germs on small surfaces. Just be careful not to use it on your skin or look directly at it as it can cause skin irritation and eye damage.

Find yourself touching your face mindlessly even with your face masks on? We don’t blame you – it is a subconscious act. This wearable smart band vibrates and alerts you before you touch your face habitually.

Travel checklist
Pack your masks and hand sanitiser

3. Your PPE kit

Never leave for business travel without packing your very own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit in your hand luggage. The PPE kit has quickly become the new amenity on every travel checklist to reduce the risk of transmission and keep travellers safe. 

Your default kit should at least include essential protection equipment such as surface disinfectants like wet wipes, 3-ply masks (and a zip-lock bag to keep them!), disposable gloves and also hands sanitisers. 

Additionally, you can hedge the odds by bringing your personal travel-friendly blanket or travel pillow, sufficient water and snacks to munch on. For extra safety precaution, bring along sufficient Vitamin C tablets (recommended 500mg) as well as a portable dish soap so you will be able to wash the cutleries before use. 

4. The must-haves

The worst thing to forget is your important travel documents – you wouldn’t want to learn that the hard way. The necessary documents you should have in your hand-carry are a valid passport and visa, not forgetting your business credit card. 

In this challenging time, be extra mindful of any additional documentation you may need to present such as vaccination certificates and quarantine hotel bookings. You would also want to have your travel insurance and PPE kit with you all the time to protect yourself from any circumstances. Amid the outbreak, you can only avoid potential health hazards through adequate preparation.

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