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Last updated on 25th March 2021

Welcome to our latest travel restrictions summary!  For route specific information, please go to or for feedback and questions

Entry / Exit Restrictions Key Updates

  • Singapore remains largely closed to those who are not citizens or residents. The current Greenlane arrangements are strictly conditioned towards business travel, with exhaustive terms and conditions to ensure safety. The Air Travel Pass currently covers Taiwan, Australia, Brunei, China, Vietnam and New Zealand. 
  • New / Changed general restrictions – Currently, all new Reciprocal Green Lane entries applications from Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Malaysia and Republic of Korea have been suspended. However, travellers with approvals before the suspension was in effect will be able to continue the trip per the approved controlled itinerary. 
  • Singapore and Malaysia affirm working towards safe travel by recognizing the vaccination certificates issued by both countries. 
  • Travel restrictions are likely to still be in place until the country has a healthy rate of vaccinations. In the meantime, we expect more Air Travel Pass or Reciprocal Green Lanes to be negotiated in the near future

Key Travel Route Updates, travelling from:

Global Major Green Lane Updates

  • Most countries in Europe have continued the travel restrictions imposed up until the end of April given the rising cases within the region. 
  • A total of 489 million vaccine doses have been administered globally with 111 million people fully vaccinated. This translates to 1.42% of the global population. While the global number of cases are declining, Europe has been on the uptrend. 
  • The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched a Travel Pass program,  a mobile application to store and manage certifications for Covid-19 tests or vaccinations. The aim is to provide government agencies with the testing or vaccination information required based on their current travel restrictions. Currently, this is being trialed by Air New Zealand, Copa Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Rwandair, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, airBaltic, Gulf Air, ANA and Air Serbia. Korean Air has recently joined the trial program for this application. 
  • Thailand has announced the re-opening of Phuket to vaccinated tourists from July 2021 onwards

Our weekly update is powered by CovidEntryCheck, a handy tool to keep travellers safe and updated with the latest travel restriction around the world. At, we aim to serve businesses of all sizes. Book a demo today!

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