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Let’s explore our most recent product updates and how they can help your business travel management stay ahead of the curve.

New Updates for Travellers

Improved flight and hotel filters for a better search experience  

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After feedback from travellers, we decided to redesign the search page for easier navigation and search, the platform now shows the filters for flights and hotels on the left. This way,

  • You can quickly and easily know which search filters are enabled. 
  • It is much easier to adjust the filters to find the right flight or hotel. 

On the backend, we also made improvements to the cabin class filter to make it more accurate. Try it out now!

Unlimited Hotel Booking Choices

image 20221208 041432 1

On occasion, users are not able to book hotel rooms if it didn’t show up in the search results.

TruTrip now allows users to request a booking directly from the search page result whenever they can’t find their hotel. A concierge request will be created for our support team to handle. 

New updates for Admin

Implemented invoice profile feature and removed billing address from company settings

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Companies may eventually require different invoices for different situations – particularly when companies have more than one legal entity. In order to prepare for that, we moved the company address from “Settings” to the “Payment methods” page

What changed:

  • All addresses that companies previously used are now moved to the invoice profile
  • Companies can create multiple invoice profiles so they can switch the address that shows up in the new invoices

Find out how you can set up your invoice profile here. Just a reminder, always make sure your invoices always reflect the correct company. 

These changes open up more possibilities for the future as we plan to introduce the option to assign groups, people, and locations to different invoice profiles.

TruTrip: More than Just a Business Travel Platform

Travellers now have access to many more customisable options, and travel managers get all the tools to make things easier. Sign up for a free trial or book a demo today and find out how TruTrip upgrades travel management for you.

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