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Last updated on 25th Feb 2021

Welcome to our latest travel restrictions summary!  For route specific information, please go to or for feedback and questions

Entry / Exit Restrictions Key Updates

  • Malaysia remains relatively closed for non-citizens or residents. As Singapore rescinded the Reciprocal Green Lanes (RGL) agreement with Malaysia this week, there aren’t any active Greenlane agreements in place at the moment. All inbound Malaysian travellers are required to produce negative test results and mandatory quarantine. 
  • The number of quarantine days is currently being re-examined as the Health Ministry announced a 3 days quarantine for all minister and special envoys returning from overseas
  • New / Changed General Restrictions: The main metropolitan areas as such Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are still under the Movement Control Order (MCO) however with relaxed rules such as the re-opening of restaurants and travel within districts only (more than the 10km restrictions placed before). The rest of the states are slowly transitioning into a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) which allows for leisure activities within the state. 
  • Travel Restrictions are expected to be in place for the foreseeable future as vaccination efforts will only begin in the end of February 2021 and the current number of daily are still in the high 2000’s.  

Key Travel Route Updates, travelling to:

  • Singapore: This route is generally closed with the recent suspension of the Reciprocal Green Lanes (RGL) agreements other than for Malaysian Citizens or Residents. However Malaysia has not updated the requirements for Singaporean business travellers to Malaysia 
  • Indonesia: This route remains closed for travel other than for Malaysian Citizens or Residents. 
  • Vietnam: This route remains closed for travel other than for Malaysian Citizens or Residents. 
  • Philippines: This route remains closed for travel other than for Malaysian Citizens or Residents.

Global Major Green Lane Updates

  • As more countries begin the vaccination programs, the latest news of a drop of 16% of new Covid-19 cases are signs of a positive public health impact
  • Russia has just announced the acceptance of residents from Singapore and Greece subject to testing and quarantine requirements
  • More European Union countries have introduced testing requirements to neighbouring countries before entry. 
  • The United Kingdom has introduced a mandatory testing requirement and quarantine packages for all inbound travellers. Travellers may be required to undergo 2 separate tests after arrival

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