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After so many months working remotely, getting your team together for a business trip in Malaysia is the perfect opportunity to introduce some fun bleisure activities. Bleisure is a popular trend in the world of business travel and is a blend of business and leisure. There are some unique group activities to enjoy together in Malaysia which is known for its rich culture, beautiful architecture and great food.

Booking the location for your team gathering is just the starting point as planning a really good itinerary that is a balance between work and leisure is key to success and will ensure that the trip maximises team-building opportunities too. 

In this article, we explore fun and unique team-building activities that can be enjoyed in Malaysia during your next company trip.  Why not embrace the fun by planning a bleisure trip for your team?

1. Malaysian Batik Workshop

Batik textile art in Malaysia is beautiful with the fabric painted in rich colours and featuring bold geometric designs although birds and flower designs also feature. The craft is very old and originated in Java. What fun for your group to immerse themselves in Malaysian culture and join a Malaysian Batik workshop in Kuala Lumpur! Each participant has the opportunity to create their own piece of Batik which can be collected later the same day when the dye has totally dried or the material can be sent by courier to where you are staying.

The workshop is two hours in duration and is presented in English. There are eight Batik artists at the workshops and they begin the session with an introduction to the art of painting Batik. Everyone in the group is first shown how to stretch a piece of fabric to keep it taut. Next, the artists show how the design is sketched onto the fabric using hot wax. Once the design has been completed, the fabric is painted with dye. When the dye is dry and wax removed, the design is revealed and its creator can keep their piece of Batik art as a wonderful souvenir – what a memorable travel experience!

Price per person        €16.00 per person

Duration of Activity   Two hours (10.00 – 12.00)

Location                      East of the centre of Kuala Lumpur

Inclusions                   Snacks, drinking water and your own piece of Batik

2. Scavenger hunt-themed tours

Scavenger Hunts are a popular classic for children aged 10- 100! They are treasure hunts in which participants – either individually or in teams-  compete against the clock to discover the full list of clues or treasures they need to win. There are some really fun ones to incorporate into your business trip to Malaysia. 

Pasar Seni Scavanger Hunt Game

This hunt is a fun way to discover Chinatown in  Kuala Lumpur.- and to get competitive with your work team!  The hunt is entitled ‘Outbreak’ and is in English. Each participant is an agent on an important mission to stop ‘the baddie’ from wiping out 95% of the world’s population. You will visit a number of heritage sites where you will have riddles to solve and when you finish the hunt your time and performance will be marked on the results board. Make sure you have your mobile phone fully charged and with data.

Price per person:         €5.00

Duration of Activity      60 minutes covering about 1.2 km, evenings 5.00- 6.00 p.m.

Location                        H.S Lee street to Pasar Seni (Chinatown)

Inclusions                     Route details and clues

Chinatown Hidden Bar Scavenger Hunt

If you want to have a really unique evening during your business trip this is definitely the scavenger hunt for your team! The hunt begins one hour before the starting time when you receive your first clue (the hunt is in English). By solving the clues you will discover four hidden bars in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown where you will be able to enjoy a drink – but don’t take too long as this is a timed event and you want your team’s name high on the ranking board! 

Price per person        €6.00

Duration of activity    7.00 -11.30 p.m (available every evening)

Location                      Starts at MRT Pasar Seni

Inclusions                    Full instructions and clues

Old Kuala Lumpur Scavenger Hunt Game

This scavenger hunt is the perfect way to combine adventure with learning some of the city’s glorious history. The game is played in English and you will be visiting several landmarks as you solve clues to reach the end. You can compete individually or as a team and you will be marked on time and performance which adds to the fun and excitement!

Price per person    €5.00

Duration                  60 minutes covering 1.8 km 6.00- 7.00 p.m daily

Location                  The hunt begins at Masjid Jamet Mosque and ends in the Central Market

Inclusions               Full instructions and clues in English

Special points         You will need your mobile phone fully charged with adequate mobile data.                                 


3. Malaysia’s local cuisine cooking classes

With many different cultures, it is not surprising that Malaysia has a varied cuisine that is world famous. Malaysian food is a unique combination of sweet, sour, rich and spicy ingredients. Malaysian food will definitely have been high on your list for choosing your group destination so what better way to learn more about the local cuisine than by cooking together under the watchful eye of a local expert?

Malaysian cooking class with trained chef

Just 15 minutes from Kuala Lumpur’s city centre you will find Jack hard at work in his kitchen. Jack is a Cordon Bleu Malaysia-trained chef who loves to reveal the country’s culture through recipes that have been handed down through his family. In advance, participants can choose which dish they would like to prepare – and eat!

Option 1: Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice and Condiments
Option 2: Penang Five Spice Pork Roll & Chinese Dumpling 

Jack begins the session by welcoming participants with highland-grown tea and homemade delicacies. He then explains the different ingredients he will be using in the dish and how each is prepared. Everyone joins in the preparation and cooking of the dish and their work is rewarded by sitting down with Jack to enjoy a delicious meal!

Price per person     €55

Duration                  Three hours- hosted in English or Chinese

Location                  Close to the heart of Kuala Lumpur

Inclusions                Drinks, local delicacies and the finished meal

Special points         With advance notice, Jack can meet any dietary restrictions of participants             

Authentic Malaysian Cookery class, market tour and food hunting

Jeskeo welcomes you to her home for this fun cooking session when you will learn how to make the national dish Nasi Lemak and the traditional dessert Ondeh Ondeh. The morning begins in the local market learning about all the different foods and spices with the opportunity to eat some breakfast snacks. In Jeskeo’s kitchen, everyone gets involved in making the tasty dishes and instruction is given on how to prepare the different ingredients. Once the work has been completed and the meal is ready, everyone sits down together to enjoy what they have made.

Price per person      €55

Duration                    Five hours 09.00-2.00 p.m – hosted in English or Chinese

Location                   Private house in Taman Pertama( by MRT Station)

Inclusions                Drinks, snacks and the main meal

While we have focused on just three of the top team-building activities for your team to enjoy in their leisure moments, there are many other ones to consider especially those linked with water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving and sea walking. 

Have fun with your team and manage travel with ease! 

We are keen to help you focus on what truly matters, leave the intensive labour of travel management to us and enjoy the trip too! Why not contact us today to book a demo or sign up for free trial on TruTrip? 

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