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What did differently during the COVID-19 pandemic

Building a startup is tough, on the best of days. Building it during a pandemic, was truly a challenge like no other. Many have said travel is doomed but our reaction has been really positive as 75% of younger travellers (18-40 years old) have said they will return to travel.

We’ve had to embrace change and adapt to launch TruTrip amidst a global pandemic, which has hit the travel industry particularly hard.

Our approach was to concentrate our focus on how COVID-19 was going to affect our customers, and how we could help them. After months of hard work, we’re proud to have launched TruTrip with the following features:

Covid Entry Check

With travel restrictions constantly changing, understanding entry and exit requirements for any travel route was a challenge. We wanted to bring clarity to travel restrictions, quarantine requirements and entry processes to help travellers plan their travels better.

So, we built, a free handy tool to help travellers stay up to date on travel advisories. In just 1 click, you will be able to find Covid-19 statistics by country and entry restriction details on the travel routes you are looking for.

CovidEntryCheck Can I travel
Start your search for open travel routes in just a single click


Borders can now open or close at any time depending on the Covid-19 situation in each country, making travel much more uncertain now and in the future. Meanwhile airline refund policies are typically inflexible, vague or unfriendly. It can take months to process refunds and get your claims back.

To solve that problem, we partnered with a FWD insurance firm and created TruFlex, a flexible travel insurance that covers any cancellation risks. We are now able to offer TruTrip customers the ability to add a one-click cancellation policy to any booking.


Travel Managers for companies now have more complicated responsibilities, the biggest of which is the duty of care towards employees who are traveling.

To that concern, we partnered with Riskline to bring up-to-the-minute risk data and alerts into our platform. 

How did we apply this into our platform so that is easy for you to use? We developed a dashboard that gives Travel Managers a comprehensive overview of current or future travel risks for all employees.

travel risk trucare trutrip
Travellers Dashboard: TruCare with Riskline partnership

At TruTrip, we firmly believe that travel remains an essential function for businesses – large or small, and that demand will return when costs and risks return to an acceptable level.

If you’re starting to weigh your travel options, do use Covid Entry Check to understand travel restrictions, green lane information, and entry requirements for your travel route. And when you’re ready to start booking, head over to

Covid Entry Check is powered by TruTrip, a powerful, customisable travel management platform that streamlines all the tools needed to manage business travel your way. With a free-to-use entry level platform, we aim to serve businesses of all sizes. Learn more about TruTrip at

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