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There have been misconceptions regarding companies that provide travel management solutions for many years. Many companies with small travel budgets and SMEs see many travel management platforms as quick ways to squander money. To make matters worse, the field of travel management is littered with common knowledge, many clichés, and purported falsehoods.

Small firms and low-frequency business travellers overlook engaging a  TMC because they believe they are too small to benefit from their services. This is an absolute myth. One persistent misconception is that engaging a TMC is simply impractical in their current situation. 

Nonetheless, studies reveal that when it comes to travel expenses, SMEs and low-frequency business travellers spend more per person than their corporate counterparts. These companies are not even booking better hotels, rentals, or flights. This is caused by insufficient knowledge, connection, and expertise that travel management companies have. 

Ultimately, there’s a call for business travel management, no matter how small a company is or how seldom they travel. When you use the right corporate travel management solution, any corporate travel benefits your business greatly.

Challenges of not using a travel management service

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1. Inaccessible negotiated rates 

Many rates, methods, memberships, vendor contracts, etc., are completely unknown to most firms. Since most organizations lack a TMC to guide, they miss out on major cost-saving potential without recognizing it.

To get favourable contracts for your business, or if the trip volume is not yet large enough for your contract, you will need to negotiate with airlines, hotels, and car rental providers. TMCs excel in this specific task. 

2. Travel management process inefficiencies 

Not hiring the services of a TMC can lead to many inefficiencies, such as misplaced documents and unreadable receipts. Moreover, the pressure on SMEs and other companies, especially if you are getting numerous emails each week with requests for travel, inquiries about itineraries, problems booking flights, last-minute adjustments, and cancellations, can be tasking.

3. Difficulty in implementing company policy 

Nobody knows where they stand without a proper travel policy. Acceptable and inappropriate behaviours cannot be identified and addressed, and guidelines regarding spending cannot be set without a clear policy.

A travel management business may help you develop a strong policy and enforce it by, for example, only offering trip alternatives that satisfy all standards. 

4. Time-consuming reports, approvals and bookings 

Post-business travel reports are time-consuming and labour-intensive. It’d require you to always keep track of things before and during travel, resulting in taking out your focus away from what matters more.

Without a TMC, it may not be easy to get reports and analyses of a business trip.

5. Keeping track of travel spend 

In reporting your travel expenses, most travel management service companies will put all information regarding your business travel program together. This makes it easier to track your expenses.

A professional travel manager will be significantly more qualified to handle this than someone with little prior expertise. Managing travel expenditures is possibly the most important aspect of the job. Simplifying spending won’t be easy without a decent TMC.

6. The stress of reimbursement processes

In the current corporate climate, expense reimbursements after a work trip are typical. This allows businesses to have some control over employee spending. However, this control is only fictitious. The procedure can cause ambiguity.

Additionally, expense reports result in a great deal of unpleasant, time-consuming manual work for both the finance staff and the workers. Hours are spent by employees collecting receipts, inputting transaction information, and filling out expense reports. The request cannot be forwarded to finance unless management has approved it. There may be numerous back-and-forth parties that could happen before the decisive action.

Benefits of engaging a TMC for low-frequency business travellers

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A corporation’s framework for supervising and assisting business travel is known as travel management. Ideally, it is best to outsource this responsibility to a professional travel management company. Travel management companies have shown to help 

1. Provide Sustainability Tools

Corporate travel management organizations often roll out new products and services for sustainability. Finding the ideal TMC gives you access to sustainability solutions that enable your company to actively track how useful a travel policy is to the company. Additionally, you’ll be able to choose wisely depending on the sustainability of your merchants.

Setting up your sustainability tools may take time, work, and energy. Or, you may choose a corporate travel management business and benefit from immediate access to already-existing technologies.

The ideal travel management firm will provide a unique collection of tools to assist you and your team in maximizing the booking platform and managing the change in your organization. 

2. Proper Tracking of Travelling Expenses

A good travel policy specifies what, how, and where travellers can spend. A single credit card for all expenses provides detailed and accurate management information. In addition, it enables businesses to bargain with suppliers if they have a large enough spending. In essence, a TMC platform assures the smart use of funds It also guarantees accuracy with reports and easy implementation for when a traveller would want to spend from their own pocket.

3. Ease, Efficiency and Agility

When you trust professionals with making your travel plans, managed travel provides a new form of travel freedom. More time, less worry.

By using a TMC for your business travel program, you stand to earn more time and experience less stress as a travel planner. In addition, you’ll gain from a standardized, omnichannel booking and trip management experience as opposed to maintaining several spreadsheets and wasting time visiting numerous booking websites.

4. Receive 24/7 support

A travel management expert will give you the avenue to lay any comments, complaints and worries 24/7. Booking through numerous platforms and suppliers may first seem like a smart idea. For instance, a travel management expert will know what to do or solve the problem if you or one employee is stranded at an airport due to a flight cancellation. Regarding customer service, being shuttled between contact centres is an unpleasant process. The travel agent will handle late-night calls or travel situations. 

Travel management companies employ personnel dedicated to your travellers’ safety around the clock, 365 days per year. To predict who would be impacted by these situations, they keep an eye on developments with the pandemic, weather, strikes, airport closures, and safety issues. They alert customers, travel brokers, and travellers as soon as any important information is available.

5. Reduce travel expenses and maximize travel budget

Onboarding a TMC or tool comes with an upfront fee, of course. But the advantages far exceed them. For example, working with a TMC can help you save a lot of money on things like flights, VAT reimbursements, corporate lodging, events, group reservations, door-to-door transport, and many other things.

In other words, you make the most of pre-existing knowledge and business alliance advantages that would take your company years to develop.

How TruTrip can help

At TruTrip, we love the S as much as the Ms in SMEs, but what can you really get from our platform?

  • Save time: We understand that you’re busy. So why waste time on travel management? Instead of wasting resources and time on making that business trip comfortable, we will provide a perfect trip right from when you depart till you return.
  • Real global service when it matters and 24/7 support: At TruTrip, we have committed time and resources to build strong relationships with many travel and hospitality companies all over the world. You or your staff can rely on Trutrip’s platform 24/7 for help anytime they need anything done. TruTrip support can be contacted through phone, email, on-site chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. We are accessible to them whenever and wherever they are. So, where is the next business trip going to be? It does not matter the location. We will make your trip very pleasant!
  • Travel risk insights and intelligence: A risk analysis must be done for every expenditure in connection with business travel. You can only do this analysis if you have thorough records that include all relevant information about the concerned locations and areas. With TruCare, we can bridge the gap between safety and travel risks. We have the necessary reports, insights and intelligence during the business trip.
  • Historical data to better understand and find the goal of impactful travel: TruTrip has a ton of useful historical data. TruTrip provides an overview of what you need: a deeper understanding of travel patterns, access to worldwide booking data, or data relevant to your company. In addition, we provide ways and places you can reduce expenses and improve expenditure management or procedures based on our extensive knowledge to ensure a positive business travel experience.

Invest in your company’s growth with a simplified and effective travel management programme

No matter how small or seldom your business travels are there is still a need for an excellent travel management company like TruTrip. Be on the path to becoming a global leader, find out how we can give you the help you need by booking a demo or signing up for a free trial.

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