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With world tourism slowly opening its doors to international travel, Malaysia finally lifts domestic and international travel ban. Malaysians have a wide range of countries they can travel to quarantine-free. While the country remains closed for international tourists, Malaysians who are fully vaccinated can travel to these countries for leisure as well as business travel. We have gathered the most reliable information about travel rules during the covid-19 pandemic and built this guide for you.

Here is a quick update on the current travel restrictions for incoming travellers to Malaysia:

  • Vaccinated travelers are partially allowed entry
  • Tourist entry is also partially allowed.
  • A negative Covid-19 test is needed for all countries.
  • Masks, social distancing and contact tracing via the MySejahtera app applies in public
  • Shopping – open to all
  • Restaurants & bars – open for takeout/delivery only
  • Local transport – open with restrictions
  • Quarantine – required for some fully vaccinated travelers for 7 to 10 days with vaccination proof

For more information, visit the Malaysian immigration’s My Travel Pass portal.

Other detailed travel advisories:

contact tracing mysejahtera
Download the Mysejahtera app here
  • Passengers must install the MySejahtera app and fill out the self-declaration form.
  • Passengers need a negative Covid-19 RT PCR test at least 72 hours before travel
  • The maximum transit time from Kuala Lumpur is reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours.
  • International to Domestic transfers are not allowed, except for Sabah and Sarawak. As long as the traveler has permission from the respective governments.
  • In case a passenger is traveling to Sarawak; they must fill the e-health declaration form from the enterSarawak app before departure.

Who can enter Malaysia:

  • Malaysians
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Diplomats of foreign mission in Malaysia
  • Expatriates and their dependents

Who cannot enter Malaysia:

  • Passengers from the following countries: Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA
  • Passengers from the above-mentioned countries can, however, transit at KLIA for 24 hours

Vaccine Travel Rules: 

The total count of the fully vaccinated population of Malaysia as of 23 November 2021 stands at 76.6% or 25,011,232 individuals. 

quarantine-free malaysia vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccines approved for use in Malaysia can be found here including Moderna, Pfizer, Sinovac, CanSino, Johnson & Johnson, Oxford Astrazeneca.

Here are 13 countries Malaysians are allowed to travel to quarantine-free

The travel route for many countries has opened up for Malaysia. All the vaccination information for Malaysians traveling abroad can be found here issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since the last update was on 7 October, we encourage readers to check the latest travel information before they book travel. 

An easy way to check the latest travel information is to key in your intended travel route on Covid Entry Check and get all the information you need at your fingertips.

Here we present to you a list of 13 countries Malaysians are allowed to travel quarantine-free.

1. United Kingdom

easy steps travel to the uk now

The United Kingdom opened its gates for both leisure as well as business travel. The UK is a global powerhouse for trading and international business. For starters, the UK market is extremely entrepreneur-friendly. The country not only attracts the highest number of international companies but remains the most preferred country for Banking, Financial and Professional services. About 10% of Malaysians travel to the UK for business travel.

If you are planning a trip to the UK, this article covers everything you need to know. Pre-book a Covid-19 test to be taken by the end of day 2 in England. A self-declaration, as well as a passenger location form, needs to be filled before travel.

2. United States of America

Business customs in the US are not very distinct from that of Malaysia. The level of frankness, punctuality, openness, and transparency are highly valued for any business traveller. The Us is Malaysia’s third-largest trading partner. Malaysia’s level of infrastructure, its focus on R&D, drives both leisure and business travel. Malaysia has a well English-speaking business and local environment, a likeness to US products and services, with exports to the United States valued at $26 billion in 2020. 

Vaccines approved: Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

3. United Arab Emirates

UAE has opened its borders to international travel. For the business traveller, Malaysia is a leading exporter to the UAE with an estimated export value of $2.03 billion in 2019. The main interest of exports remains from Jewelry, Broadcasting equipment, and video displays. 

Vaccines approved: Sinopharm, Pfizer, Sputnik, Oxford Astra-Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Sputnik V. Travelers are required to present a negative Covid-19 test on arrival.

4. Germany – Berlin

Malaysian exports to Germany in the year 2020 were at an estimate of $5.87 billion in electrical and electronic equipment. The other highly grossed exports were of machinery, nuclear reactors, and medical apparatus.

Vaccines approved: Biontech Pfizer, Spikevax (Moderna), Vaxzevria (Astra Zeneca), and Johnson & Johnson

5. Sri Lanka

quarantine-free sri lanka

According to United Nations COMTRADE, an estimated value of $634.48 million was imported from Malaysia to Sri Lanka in terms of mineral fuels, vegetable fats and oils, nuclear reactors, and alike.

Vaccines approved: All

6. Canada

Canadian trade for 2020 is estimated at $2.28 billion, with high demand for electrical products, machinery, and animal oils. The market for these products is a hit in Malaysia, which is why it is the highest exporter of these products. If you’re traveling to Canada, a swab test is required up to 72 hours before departure. 

Vaccines approved: Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, and Johnson & Johnson

7. Spain

Spain and Malaysia have profound business relations. With Malaysia being a leading exporter of rubber and palm oil, Spanish exports on the other hand have also increased by 11% in 2019-2020.

Vaccines approved: Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, and Johnson & Johnson

8. Brazil

Both countries are working closely to work on economic development. Brazil remains the highest exporter of arms, ammunitions sugar, and beef. Both countries are joining hands to develop biofuel and Malaysia is assisting brazil to expand its broadband activities.

Vaccines approved: Pfizer, Sputnik V, Corona Vac, Astra Zeneca, and Johnson & Johnson

9. Turkey

Travellers that are not fully vaccinated will have to provide a negative RT-PCR test, and fully vaccinated ones will have to prove their certificate. Even business travellers will have to fill up the online traveller entry form at least 4 days before arriving in turkey. Turkey and Malaysia have a strong link to the Islamic financial industry. On the other hand, the Turkish defence industry has also signed a big contract with Malaysia, for armoured vehicle production.

Vaccines approved: All

10. Greece

quarantine-free greece

Fancy a beautiful spring in the blue of Greece? Greece has opened its doors to tourism as well as business travel. Greece is a leading exporter of machinery, tobacco & medical products to Malaysia. Which makes business relations between the two strong and long-lasting.

Vaccines approved: Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer

11. Netherlands/ the Hague

Business relations between Netherlands and Malaysia are at an all strong point. With Malaysia’s wealth of natural resources and the Netherlands housing vast multinationals and SMEs, the business travel future looks very promising for these countries.

12. Oman

In 2015, the two countries signed a cyber-security agreement. Bilateral trade between Oman and Malaysia has increased drastically. Malaysia’s main exports remain crude oil, machinery, wood products, and alike.

Vaccines approved: Pfizer, Astra Zeneca oxford, Covishield, Sinovac, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm, and Sputnik V

13. Thailand

The Thai government is one of the first to open its international borders. To boost its economy with tourism and business travel during the time of Covid-19 recovery, travelling to Thailand has now become easier than before. From the business point of view, for trade and investment, security and defence, education, and tourism, Thailand and Malaysia have strong business and economic relations. A negative RT-PCR is needed at least 72 hours before travelling to Thailand. An on-arrival Covid-19 test is also mandatory.

For any further information, read this: How to Travel to Thailand quarantine free

This article may be periodically updated with newer information about travelling from Malaysia. For quick and easy travel information, key in your travel route on Covid Entry Check and get everything you need with a single click.

travel quarantine-free to thailand
Visit Covid Entry Check for all the travel information and sources you need

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