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You're spending +30% on travel and risking a lot more...

...with TruTrip you won't. In the ever changing Covid-19 landscape, get the right solutions to manage your travel risks.

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Travel ease and flexibility without the cost

Stop travel nightmares!

We get it, your travel plans change. This is why we bring the tools to take away the surprises.


Tired of premiums for flexible arrangements? With TruFlex, all travel arrangements are refundable up to 24hours before your trip.

24/7 support

TruTrip’s 24/7 support via chat, call or email is there to help with all your queries and support requests as well as support on setting up the platform for you.

Travel advisories

We monitor today’s complex travel advisory so you don’t have to. +1,200 greenlanes, 64k routes. All delivered through a simple in-booking-flow.

Keep your team safe

TruTrip’s Travel Dashboard gives you seamless traveller tracking, risk intelligence and management. With TruTrip you can react quickly and protect your team with a single click.

  • Track all your travellers.
  • Stay up-to-date with travel alerts.
  • Restrict travel to high risk countries.

Simplify travel controls

Seamless control meets smart policies, together they empower your travellers to travel in a way that suits them and the business.

  • Automated approval process.
  • Smart policy tools.
  • Integrated travel restrictions.

World-class travel management at your fingertips...

Transparent Payments Options

How you pay can make a real difference. Our payment options not only break down the fees by card type but also offer options to fit you.

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Multi-currency and multi-lingual

We live in a multi-national world, so your travel product should be too. We support several major currencies as well as a site and support in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

Well integrated with your internal tools

Don't make travel more of a hassle than it needs to be. We offer thoughtful list of integrations that remove the admin not the insights.

Connected with the best travel partners

We integrate to ever growing list of partners to bring you exhaustive list of great value travel options.

24/7 Support

Travelling during the pandemic makes reliable customer support crucial. TruTrip’s 24/7 support is available via chat, call or email.

Covid Entry Check

Travel without anxiety and anticipate any travel risks with TruTrip. We provide end-to-end solutions for pre, during and post business trips.


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