Product update: Easier hotel sharing, enhanced security, and more

Sani Gouw
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We’re excited to announce a series of updates to TruTrip that make booking business travel even smoother, more secure, and easier to manage. Let’s dive into the details:

1. Simplified Hotel Sharing

Finding the perfect hotel can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Sharing hotel options with colleagues or managers is a breeze now! Simply click the new “share” button to copy the hotel page URL.

Share hotel links

When someone clicks the link, they’ll see the same hotel details you were viewing, including travel dates and prices. This eliminates the back-and-forth of searching for the same property and ensures everyone’s on the same page.

2. Increased Security with Forced SSO

For companies prioritizing the highest level of security, we’ve introduced the option to enforce Single-Sign On (SSO) through providers like Slack, Google, or Microsoft. With SSO enabled:

  • Users can only log in using their company SSO credentials, eliminating the need for separate TruTrip passwords.
  • New users can sign up directly using their SSO, skipping the password creation step altogether.

Reach out to your account manager if you’re interested in setting this up.

3. Improved Account Statements

We’re revamping the way you view your account activity. Introducing the new Account Statement page! Located under “Manage → Payment and Billing → Account statement,” you’ll find a clear breakdown of transactions for your deposit and credit line accounts.

Account Statement

The default view shows activity from the last week, and you can easily export the data to a CSV file for further analysis. We’re also working on adding invoice numbers, search functionality, and an official PDF statement of account for even greater convenience.

4. Smaller Enhancements

We’ve made some smaller improvements to further optimize your TruTrip experience:

  • New user CSV upload process – Uploaded files get reviewed and cleaned by our team before users are added. Do reach out to our support team if you need to make changes to your users in bulk.
  • Integrated payment fees for credit / invoicing customers – We made the payment fee billing process a lot easier for those on an invoicing payment method. Instead of periodically billing invoicing fees, the fees are already processed in the booking.
  • Improved visibility on flight fare details – We made refund, changes fee and aircraft type more obvious hen searching for flights, viewing the trips pages, and on the booking vouchers.

We hope these updates make your TruTrip experience even better! Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon.