Introducing GoFluid – invoicing made easy

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We’re excited about our new partnership with GoFluid, a leading payment solutions provider that brings you the convenience of invoice-based billing. This collaboration marks a major milestone in our mission to make managing travel simple, efficient and business-friendly.

GoFluid offers a modern approach akin to a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ rather than a traditional credit agreement. All with the added convenience of multiple settlement options including bank transfer, credit card and many country-specific payment options. 

GoFluid allows for simplified financial transactions, allowing for immediate acquisition while ensuring compliance with the agreed-upon repayment terms. Read on to discover all the details about how this partnership can benefit you.

In this article, we'll take a look at:

Getting Started with GoFluid

  • Complete the Application Form: This process takes less than 5 minutes. You’ll need to provide your contact details as well as your company’s registered company name and local registration numbers (e.g., UEN, ABN, etc) directly to the GoFluid team. We suggest requesting a credit limit of 30% above your average monthly spend, which you can adjust later if needed.
  • Approval Process: GoFluid will assess your application. In most cases, the decision is based on the form alone and within three days of submission. If additional financial details are needed, they’ll contact you, and you’ll have a decision within a week after providing the required information.
  • Acceptance and Account Activation:
    • Once approved, you’ll receive a welcome email with further explanation and GoFluid’s terms and conditions. In using Go Fluid, it is important to note you are accepting their terms of business
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  • After acceptance, you’ll receive your GoFluid portal credentials.
  • At this stage, GoFluid informs TruTrip of your credit limit. We then set up the payment method in our system within a day. We’ll notify your system administrator once the method is set up.
  • Finally, the administrator will need to assign the appropriate permissions for the payment method to be used. By default, we hide the balance and only give the administrator rights to use Go Fluid as a payment method, but both of these are easily changeable (link).
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  • Using GoFluid on TruTrip:
    • At checkout, choose your GoFluid account as the payment method. Transactions are logged immediately in TruTrip (or after approval if required by your set-up). We recommend removing access to other payment methods to avoid the team using the wrong option.
    • TruTrip and GoFluid sync data sets every Tuesday and Friday, allowing you to view transactions in both systems. (This will be real-time soon)
  • Settling Invoices with GoFluid
    • You have the freedom to pay according to the agreed terms.
    • Use the GoFluid Portal to view your credit balance and follow on-screen instructions to settle invoices or add funds.
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  • Once GoFluid receives your payment, TruTrip will update your account balance within 24 hours.

For more details on using the GoFluid portal, visit GoFluid Help Center

Key Facts

  1. GoFluid’s charges depend on your standard payment terms. For those on terms with 30 days’ payment from the transaction date, a fee of 2.2% per transaction applies. For those on terms within 15 days from the transaction date, a reduced fee of 1.1% per transaction applies.
  2. TruTrip applies the payment fee at the point of the transaction. However, at times a manual charge, equivalent to the payment fee, may be alternatively applied. Both the payment fees and manual charges will be distinctly itemised on the TruTrip Invoices, ensuring clarity in billing.
  3. This service is available predominately in Singapore and Malaysia as well as some select clients on an invite-only basis.


  • Late payment

Should the client fail to settle their payment within the agreed terms, additional charges may be applied at Go Fluid’s discretion, in line with Go Fluid’s terms of service. Please be advised that persistent late payments may lead to suspension or withdrawal of this payment option and suspension of our services.

  • Handling Refunds

At TruTrip, we ensure that refunds and credits are processed quickly. GoFluid will then update these transactions on their end within the standard synchronisation days.

  • Disputing Transactions

TruTrip prioritises amicable dispute resolutions. For unresolved matters, we offer additional resolution options.

  • Trouble Accessing GoFluid Account

Should access issues arise, reach out to your GoFluid account manager or consult their help centre.

Support Options

Our support channels are always available to assist you. If you need GoFluid support, reach out to your account manager or visit their support page for guidance.

Embark on a Journey of Smarter Travel Expense Management with TruTrip and GoFluid. Together, we’re blending innovation with practical solutions to transform how you manage travel expenses.

Join us on this journey to more effective travel expense management with TruTrip and GoFluid, where innovation meets practicality. Sign up here!