Business trip to Indonesia: exciting activities to do during downtime

Krizia Mojado
Krizia Mojado
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Combining business and leisure to enjoy a bizcation is definitely proving popular. The secret to success is to choose destinations that combine both elements successfully. Indonesia has been a popular bleisure destination for a number of years – particularly in Jakarta and Bogor. Jakarta in particular has a laid-back atmosphere but offers excellent convention and conference centres for all types of corporate events and also delivers a great leisure experience.

Planning your business trip to include some fun leisure options is essential. A recent article in suggested that one in five business travellers found it took a toll on their mental health and that business trips away also impacted finances, productivity and relationships. 

Business trips can also lead to irregular meal times and a lack of exercise – getting plenty of good sleep is also another challenge. Perhaps the biggest problem for many is the loneliness they experience when they have business meetings and remote work to complete abroad. 

Having plenty of fun activities to do during your business trip downtime, can make a real difference and the wide variety of things to enjoy in Indonesia makes it a really good choice. 

At TruTrip, we are full of great ideas and travel tips to make your business trip to Indonesia both successful and fun.

1. Join networking events 

During your business trip, you will be visiting one or more companies and get to meet your business customers face-to-face. It is well known that this type of meeting yields positive results as deals are sealed easier.  Business travel networking is always valuable and while you are in Indonesia, you will have the opportunity to interact with other professionals and develop new contacts. 

The biggest variety of networking events in Indonesia are held in Jakarta and there are a number of events that are attended by locals who warmly welcome visitors to join their events.  There is also a calendar of networking events for Bogor as well as a number that can be attended online using Zoom.

● Your TruTrip coordinator will be able to research all the business travel networking events that will be taking place during the time you are in Indonesia and good sources of information to check out can be Eventbrite and AllEvents

2. Do your holiday shopping

While you are in Indonesia, you will want to buy some gifts for family and friends and something for yourself as a memory of your trip. Indonesia is an archipelago country and many of its crafts are regional and have been handed down through the generations. The diversity of products is unique and gives an insight into the country’s rich culture. As well as stylish shopping malls, it is fun to discover the small craft workshops and the colourful markets.

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The best-known handicraft in Indonesia is Batik. This is an old dyeing technique with a cloth that has designs painted on in wax which resists the dye. Once the dye has dried, the wax is carefully peeled away to reveal the most beautiful designs. These vary from region to region and include animals, flowers and characters from folklore. Much of the batik produced these days are manufactured in factories and is known as the ‘batik cap’. If you want genuine handmade batik, it is worth searching for and it is known as batik Tulis meaning ‘written batik’. 

Other gift ideas include elaborate wood and stone carvings of masks and statues and the pretty silver Teluk jewellery that has been made for generations. There is a wonderful array of pottery to choose from and Gamelan instruments. Gamelan is the traditional style of Indonesian music and there are beautiful homemade instruments including flutes, xylophones and metallophones – the bamboo flutes are probably the easiest to pack! 

For chocolate lovers, the perfect gift solution is the local monggo chocolate from Yogyakarta which is available in a wide range to suit all budgets and tastes really good! 

3. Go sightseeing 

Indonesia is an archipelago of 13,500 islands with diverse landscapes, cultures, modern cities and tiny traditional villages. There is so much to explore including exquisite temples, trekking up live volcanoes, diving into crystal clear waters or simply stretching out on velvet-soft sandy beaches. Here are some fun ways to discover some of Indonesia’s treasures:

● Explore Taman Nusa Bali

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This action-packed day is a great way to enjoy Indonesian culture on 15 hectares of land. There is the chance to explore the beautiful replica of Borobudur Temple and wander through the Cultural Village with its 60 traditional houses and discover local crafts and enjoy traditional dancing. There is also the opportunity to see the lush jungle, stunning coastal views and more.  

Price per person               Prices start from Rp 25.000

Duration of activity           The Cultural Village is open 09.00-18.00 

Location                             Bali

Inclusions                          All cultural displays and entrance into Taman Nusa for one. 

Best to wear casual clothes, a sun hat and plenty of sun cream

● Enjoy the floating market in Lembang

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Shopping on a boat that is floating in a lake is certainly a fun experience! There is some tasty West Javanese snack to buy as well as fresh produce and plenty of other local goods – which you can purchase using special floating market coins. While you are there, you can enjoy a water ride and get some great photos in the Rainbow Garden. There is time to relax in the Hijab swimming pool too and take in the scenic views of the lake. 

Price per person   Rp 26.700

Duration of activity  The market is open 09.00-19.00 seven days a week

Location                    Lake Lembang Jawa Barat

Inclusions                 Entrance to the market which can be exchanged for a coffee drink

4. Visit the largest Buddhist Temple

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Be prepared to be amazed! The amazing Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and dates from the 9th century. This UNESCO-listed site has s intricate sculptures, relief carvings and statues that each tell a story. The main pyramid is pyramid-shaped and you are totally immersed in thousands of years of history. You can climb to the top and enjoy the most stunning views of mountains and lush greenery. Make sure you wear comfortable slippers.

Price per person       Rp 24.000

Duration of activity   06.30-17.00 daily

Location                     Yogyakarta  ( famous for its chocolate too)

Inclusions                   Entrance ticket for one person into the temple

5. Enjoy great cultural immersion

Indonesia has a unique culture that many find fascinating. It stretches from Sumatra in the west to Papua situated 5,000km to the east and includes Bali and Java. It has 1,300 ethnic groups speaking more than 700 different languages.  Indonesians are brought together by one flag and many shared traditions. 

During your time in Indonesia, you will only be able to scratch the surface but it will be a rich and rewarding experience. The best way to make the most of your time is to book a  carefully designed trip that ensures you get to see as much as possible.  

Full day Barong Dance – Kintamani Tour

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The highlight of this fun-filled day tour must be the magnificent views of Lake Batur with the mountain of the same name soaring behind Mount Agung.  You visit  Batubulan village to watch Barong and Keris dancers. There is a visit to Celuk village which is well known for its beautiful gold and silver handicrafts and Kemenuh village, known for its wood carving and then to Ubud art market. 

Price per person            Rp 601.095

Duration of activity        08.30 -17.30 (pick-ups available from South Bali hotels)

Location                         Kintameni, South Bali

Inclusions                      Services of a professional guide

Mlaku-Mlaku Nang village Candirejo 

After meeting up in the centre of Candireja Village there is a leisurely stroll around the village that reveals the daily life of the local people including their customs and traditions. You will learn about the intercropping farming system and get the chance to play a gamelan instrument. The finale of the tour includes Javanese sugar tea and a range of traditional snacks  

Price per person      Rp 138.000

Duration of activity  08.00-10.30

Location                   Magelang, Central Java

Inclusions                Local guide plus sugar tea and snacks.

Taking a business trip to Indonesia soon?

Make your trip feel more like a perk than a burden! Our team can organise and plan all aspects of your trip and not just the logistics! We aim to make your schedule as seamless as possible to ensure you have a really good trip. Find out more by booking a demo or signing up for a free trial.