Product update: Corporate hotel codes and redesigns for a better corporate travel experience

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We’re excited to share our latest platform update that takes your travel management experience up a notch. 

You can now add and use your corporate hotel codes in TruTrip 

Many companies have established exclusive agreements with particular hotel chains, and now, you can seamlessly configure these rates within TruTrip. Once configured, anyone searching for a hotel in a city where the corporate rate applies will immediately find it displayed at the top of their search results.

To request for corporate rates to be added to the company, the super-admins will need to create an email, or support ticket, detailing the corporate rates agreement, only then can the support team add the corporate rate to TruTrip. For more information on how you can go about it, this help article would surely help.

image 11

How it looks like once corporate codes have been set up


How it looks like when searching with corporate codes

Along with that, we’ve added the recent reviews and nearby attractions to better accommodate our traveller needs.

New flow when creating a deposit

We have made some core changes to how the deposit account looks and how it is topped up. We changed the design to be more consistent with the credit card method, we are now showing the deposit accounts in a table view.

image 20230808 022958 1

Additionally, the process of topping up is now simpler, just two steps! The process is:

  1. Admin creates an account and sets the account settings (name, who can see it, use it). In the future, we will add the setting to select currency.
  2. Admin clicks “top up” from the overview page which pushes them directly into the top-up flow. 

So Admins can create deposit accounts and manage who can access them. Afterwards, they can request a top-up separately. Learn more about it here.

You can easily request car rentals right from the booking screen

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With this update, travellers can fill in the details on their needs such as transportation type, number of pax, budget, adding attachments and many more. Customers can also choose to link the booking with previous trips that they made.

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