Cityscapes Jakarta: 6 scenic getaways for company trips

Kiran Sidhu
Kiran Sidhu
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Our Cityscapes series presents you with exciting alternative locations for your company gatherings and business meetings. Bring your team together in a refreshing way and inspire collaboration.

Jakarta is renown for its high energy, vibrancy and fast pace as the largest urban city in Indonesia. This business heart of the country is home to over 10 million citizens and invites many more commuters into its space daily. Ranked top 10 as an emerging startup ecosystem, it is also perceived as the land of opportunity with the meteoric rise of six startups in recent years. Jakarta never sleeps and there is plenty to do after hours – from fancy eateries, clubs, bars, to local night markets.   

But if you’re looking to slow down, relax and get closer to nature for a while, all it takes is a short trip out of Jakarta’s city centre. If your company is based in Jakarta, we’ve narrowed down six stunning options that are perfect for your next team gathering away from the office. After long periods of remote working during the pandemic especially, there are huge benefits to bringing your employees back together

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When you are ready to travel, here are six places just an hour or two away from Jakarta city for upcoming company trips. 

Travel and movement rules in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is situated northwest of Java. Starting from 3rd July 2021, all travellers from and outside Java may travel to Java using all modes of transport with fewer restrictions. All travellers are required to present their vaccination card report (at least first dose of vaccine) along with a negative RT-PCR test or antigen test. Air travellers must test negative on a COVID-19 RT-PCR test within 48 hours or rapid antigen test 24 hours’ prior to departure. All travellers by air need to fill up e-HAC (Electronic Health Alert Certificate).

As of 30th August 2021, more than 62 million Indonesians have received their first shot and more than 35 million have completed their vaccinations. Meanwhile in Jakarta, more than 9 million citizens have received their first dose and more than 5 million have been fully vaccinated.

With international travel restrictions regularly changing, get the most up-to-date information with Covid Entry Check. Key in your travel route and get all information including links to government sources at a single click.

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Visit Covid Entry Check for the latest travel restrictions

6 exciting spots for company trips nearby Jakarta city

Giving your employees the chance to socialise away from the office at an inspiring location can boost morale, foster collaboration and make them feel valued. Business meetings and work collaborations don’t always have to happen in boardrooms. Be creative and take your pick from these stunning locations.

Villa Puncak by Plataran

Organizing a company retreat at the misty highlands of Puncak West Java would be a refreshing change after being confined to working from home. Surrounded by cooling tea plantations and pine forests, Villa Puncak by Plataran offers you an escape to the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta city centre.

Company trips to Villa Puncak
Grand Narendra Villa, VIlla Puncak

Villa Puncak offers a Corporate Outbound Package for company team-building. On top of its day meeting setup, the package also includes meals and activities such as paintball and barbeque. For a minimum of 20 persons, this package is a great combination for both work and play. 

If you’re looking to organise a corporate event, check out the Full Board Meeting Package. You’ll get to hold your meeting at Grand Narendra Villa, a three storeys villa with a spacious living room on each level, private dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms. Surrounded by lofty trees, it will create a unique and relaxing atmosphere for your discussion. 

Other activities for visitors include a morning walk through a tea plantation, archery, horseback riding and picnic breakfasts. There is a range of villas to choose from at Villa Puncak – all of them designed to give visitors a welcome sense of peace and serenity. 

SGB Learning Centre 1, Cisarua, Jawa

Don’t let the name hold you back from checking out this place – it is truly a hidden gem! SGB Learning Centre 1 is a stunning find nestled among scenic mountains. Located about 1.5 hours away from Jakarta city centre, this place has everything you will need for a fun and conducive team gathering. 

Company trips at SGB Learning Centre 1

With its variety of spacious areas, indoor and outdoor, there is a suitable spot for every event including meetings, small team projects, telematches, team-building yoga and more. SGB Learning Centre 1 has a large lawn for outbound activities, scenic mountain views, a bonfire area, basketball court, large swimming pool and recreation areas. The sprawling space has a total of 27 rooms with patios and garden views. 

You can also contact the team at SGB Learning Centre to ask about their various team building programmes. Since there are certain etiquette expectations for business meetings during COVID-19, the spacious Cilember Hall is a great venue to consider with ample space for social distancing. With bi-fold glass doors that can be opened fully to views of surrounding greenery, the hall is well-ventilated and health protocols are followed carefully for the safety of guests.

Royal Tulip Golf Resort Gunung Geulis

If you’re looking for a secluded place to host corporate events, check out the Royal Tulip Golf Resort Gunung Geulis. This mountainous resort is a haven located just about 60 minutes away from the clamour of Jakarta city. With gorgeous views all around, it is bound to leave an impression on your employees from the moment they get there. 

Company trips at Gunung Geulis

You can choose from ten types of meeting rooms available for your corporate event or business meetings with a capacity of 20 and up to 450 pax. Don’t forget to book a night here. For leisure, enjoy the swimming pool with your colleagues or a relaxing massage at the luxury Dedari Spa. 

There are also surrounding areas for sightseeing that you can plan day trips to for your employees such as the Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, Kuntum Farmfield and Bogor Botanical Gardens. 

Villa Chrisantum Cisarua – Private Luxury Escape

About 2 hours away from Jakarta city, Villa Chrisantum Cisarua offers a private and luxury escape encompassing the stunning greenery of Jawa Barat. This Airbnb is particularly great for small teams or companies of up to 16 people to connect and collaborate. 

Villa Chrisantum

Villa Chrisantum is a beautifully landscaped bungalow with a large swimming pool, lots of greenery and surrounded by mountains. The idyllic setting is perfect for a laidback retreat with lots of time for brainstorming and deep conversations. Spending time away from the city and together with colleagues could yield some great ideas for your company!

Sports facilities here include table tennis, basketball yard and billiard to keep everyone active while promoting some healthy competition and bonding. If you’d like to venture out of the villa during your stay, visit the nearby Royal Safari Garden Resort and Taman Safari Indonesia Zoo. 

Jambuluwuk Hotel & Resort, Puncak

Just 1 hour 15 minutes away from Jakarta city centre, The Jambuluwuk Hotel & Resort at Puncak presents a unique concept of traditional Indonesian wooden villas with five-star facilities. Rest your eyes on the picture-perfect views of calming mountains vistas, Mount Pangrango and Mount Salak. Check out the four-bedroom villas if you’re looking for a more intimate team setting to gather for brainstorming or small projects. 

4 bedroom villa at Jambuluwuk
4-bedroom villa at Jambuluwuk, Puncak

The resort offers a selection of meeting spaces and team building activities for companies.  Run your corporate event at one of the seven function rooms that could cater from 15 and up to 600 persons. For fun and adventurous team activities, go for the flying fox or ride ATVs in the outbound field together. These stimulating outdoor activities are sure to boost team spirit and self-esteem. 

Contact the Jambuluwuk team in advance if you’re interested in a wider range of team activities. And while you are at Jambuluwuk, make a day trip to the stunning tea plantations of Puncak Pass too.  

Pesona Alam Resort, Cisarua

Pesona Alam Resort is nestled on top of a hill in Cisarua, just 2 hours away from Jakarta city. Let your team immerse in the beauty of nature and enjoy fun activities here such as cycling, horse-riding, paintball and archery. The resort also organises team-building activities and games to enhance teamwork and trust – just contact them in advance to enquire before making your booking.

This resort aims to give a refreshing change for corporate events with their outstanding facilities. Choose from three types of rooms that could facilitate up to 500 persons. Each room is equipped with an LCD projector, screen, sound system, stationery, flipchart and wi-fi. Get creative and utilise this multipurpose space whichever way it suits your team best – whether for team building, training, sharing sessions or leisurely drinks. 

The Lakehouse at Pesona Alam Resort
The Lakehouse at Pesona Alam Resort | Picture source:

Or, if you’d like to huddle as a team, the Lakehouse Restaurant on-premise is surrounded by pine trees and features a spacious built-in seating space right in the centre of a scenic pool. Inspiring, and definitely not your conventional meeting space!

Inspired by European architecture, each villa at Pesona Alam Resort is decorated to offer you the warmth and comfort of a country house. Choose from one to three bedrooms, and appreciate the surrounding nature and facilities. 

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