Case Study: Efficient Group Booking Solutions for Corporate Retreats 

Krizia Mojado
Krizia Mojado
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In-person events and company retreats are powerhouses for team building and morale boosting. Consistent research has proven that company retreats are beneficial to companies. Harvard Business Review has pointed out that there is a 26% increase in productivity among employees after participating in off-site retreats. 

These events are perfect for networking, team bonding, and strategic planning, bringing great value to any company. But organizing group events? That can be a real headache. Coordinating travel for large groups is a huge challenge.

This case study zeroes in on how TruTrip helps Midstay, smash through logistical barriers. Especially on the challenges of group bookings with the help of the right travel solution. With TruTrip’s streamlined travel management, Midstay has transformed chaos into order, delivering seamless, high-impact corporate retreats that leave a lasting impression.

In this article, we'll take a look at:

About MidStay

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Midstay is making business travel and team retreats more enjoyable and personalized. With operations in over 50 destinations across Asia and partnerships with over 100 certified vendors, Midstay creates travel experiences that fit each company perfectly.

With local know-how and a vast network of vendors, Midstay ensures you get great prices and seamless, delightful retreats. Here’s what they offer:

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  • Travel Arrangements: Take care of flights, accommodations, and local transportation so you can relax.
  • Team Building Activities: Organizing fun activities that bring your team closer together.
  • Event Coordination: Handling all the logistics, event planning, and providing cool branded goodies.
  • Content Creation: Creating on-site content to highlight your amazing company culture.
  • Workshops and Speakers: Setting up insightful workshops and bringing in inspiring speakers for professional growth.

The Challenge

Midstay’s rapid growth has brought more work demands, especially for its remote team. Organizing retreats for groups of 40 to 50 people became quite a logistical challenge.

“We bring the whole world together, with people coming from New York, Seattle, Mexico, China, and beyond,” explained Florian Jacques, founder of Midstay. Managing group flight bookings, accommodations, and itinerary planning manually became overwhelming. “We used to do it ourselves, but it was a bit of a pain. If there’s a solution that makes it seamless, we’d rather do it with a partner,” he added.

The Solution

Midstay reached out to TruTrip to investigate different travel management options. The Midstay team was satisfied with TruTrip’s approach, especially their collaboration with Customer Success to understand Midstay’s unique needs. This willingness to adapt and work together was essential.

“The product head, Sani, had a call with us to understand our needs better and how we can integrate in the future. Seeing TruTrip’s roadmap and how they plan to develop in a way that meets our needs is exactly what we’re looking for,” Florian noted.

TruTrip’s concierge feature was a good fit for booking group flights. It simplified the complex process of managing group travel logistics, significantly easing the burden on Midstay’s team.

The Results

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Adopting TruTrip has transformed Midstay’s group flight bookings and streamlined operations, providing several key advantages:

Saving Time

The manual approach required constant oversight to manage potential issues. TruTrip’s support system promptly informs Midstay of any issues, allowing the team to focus on other tasks without continuous manual monitoring.

Unlocking Great Fares

With heavy automation, TruTrip can offer some of the best rates and low fees, resulting in significant savings for Midstay. While other companies charge a fee of 13-15% of the total amount for group bookings, TruTrip only charges 3%, resulting in significant cost savings for Midstay.

Elevate your group travel management with TruTrip

Discover how TruTrip can make your group travel planning a breeze. Our efficient group booking solutions let you focus on creating unforgettable experiences while we handle the details. Take the next step by booking a demo or signing up for a free trial with us today!