Solving business travel challenges with TruTrip’s support expert, Gina Garbacz

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Business travel, while essential, often comes with its set of challenges. From unforeseen flight cancellations to last-minute hotel booking mix-ups, navigating the corporate travel landscape can sometimes feel like a maze filled with business travel challenges.

Today, we have the privilege of chatting with Gina Garbacz, a pivotal member of TruTrip’s support team. Gina will be sharing her insights, experiences, and the ways in which TruTrip ensures a seamless travel experience for its clients. So, let’s get acquainted with Gina and delve into the world of business travel solutions.

Gina Garbacz: The Ultimate Problem Solver

Gina’s journey in the travel industry is both rich and diverse. She’s always been drawn to roles that put her at the forefront of customer interactions. “I’m part of the Customer Support Team,” Gina shares. “My passion has always been travel. I’ve served as a frontline CS agent and supervisor, working with three distinct European airlines, a luxury casino resort, and even in retail travel and an online travel agency (OTA) in North America.”

Gina believes in the importance of understanding and empathizing with customers. She’s observed that one of the primary challenges travellers face today is navigating the often confusing process of having their concerns addressed. “My peers in the industry all say the usual concern clients have is customer support. Customers want to know how to reach, who to reach, and when to reach,” Gina explains. She further emphasizes, “Customers want to be able to reach support who can handle their request quickly and efficiently without any delay.”

Recent reports, including those from CNN and AP News, have highlighted the surge in flight cancellations and delays. Such disruptions not only inconvenience travellers but also emphasize the importance of a responsive and proactive support team.

Gina’s Most Memorable Moment

One particular incident stands out in Gina’s memory, showcasing TruTrip’s proactive approach. “I recall an instance where an airline informed us of a change in one of our client’s flight schedules, moving it to an earlier departure. The client, unaware and in a different time zone, was unreachable,” she recounts. Through her determination, Gina liaised with the hotel’s concierge, ensuring the client was informed and could make his flight. The client’s gratitude was evident in his feedback, praising TruTrip’s exceptional support.

The Essence of TruTrip’s Support


Gina believes that TruTrip’s unwavering commitment to its clients sets it apart. “Our commitment is unwavering. We offer 24/7 customer support, ensuring comprehensive service for our clients – be it airline tickets, hotel bookings, transfers, or even visa application support,” she emphasizes.

Travel plans can be unpredictable. Whether it’s rebooking flights due to unforeseen circumstances or addressing concerns during a trip, it’s crucial to have a reliable support team by your side. At TruTrip, our message is clear: whenever in doubt or facing an issue, reach out to our support. We’re here to ensure your business travel is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Stay tuned for more insights and stories from our dedicated support team at TruTrip. We’re here to elevate your business travel experience.

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