Everything you need to know about the AltoVita Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit

Martin Go
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The AltoVita Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit is a groundbreaking event that brings together industry leaders, experts, and decision-makers to discuss and explore the latest trends in corporate accommodation, global mobility, and business travel. This year, the summit is taking a leap by hosting its first-ever event in the Asia-Pacific region, specifically at the luxurious Swissôtel, The Stamford in Singapore.

Who the summit is for

This summit is tailor-made for Global Mobility and Travel Managers operating in the APAC region. If you’re looking to unearth innovative solutions to the pressing challenges of sourcing corporate accommodation, this event is your golden ticket. 

It offers a platform to gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices to help you make informed decisions for your organization. Whether you’re grappling with issues related to cost efficiency, employee safety, or sustainability, the summit provides actionable strategies to address these challenges effectively.

What you’ll get from the Summit:

Scheduled for Wednesday, September 6, this summit promises a day filled with transformative discussions and unparalleled networking opportunities. The event will kick off with opening remarks from AltoVita’s CEO, Vivi Cahyadi Himmel, and COO, Karolina Saviova. The summit is designed to be highly interactive, featuring a range of panel debates, keynote presentations, and roundtable discussions. Topics will span from leveraging data intelligence for innovation in the corporate accommodation sector to exploring diverse and safe accommodation types.

For the first time, the summit is being held in AltoVita’s APAC home—Singapore. This expansion signifies the growing importance of the Asia-Pacific region in the global corporate accommodation and travel sectors.

What you shouldn’t miss out on

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One of the summit’s highlights is the panel discussion on “Rising to the Sustainability Data Challenge,” where Susnata Banerjee, VP of Commercial and Operations at TruTrip, will share invaluable insights. As a proud sponsor of the event, TruTrip aims to shed light on how technology can be harnessed to make business travel more eco-friendly. This session is a must-attend for anyone involved in global mobility and travel management.

But that’s not all. The summit also offers a unique chance to network with industry peers from renowned companies like ByteDance, Roquette, and PayPal. And if you’re interested in awards and recognition, don’t miss “The Altos,” AltoVita’s famous awards ceremony, which will take place shortly after the summit.

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