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Things have changed in the corporate travel market. Most travel managers are evolving their methods and platforms and have learned the upsides of travel management companies. Survey responses gotten by GBTA from travel management professionals show that there has been an uptick in assisted bookings. 

Post-pandemic, one in five travel managers, have a high-touch model where travellers plan their trips via travel agents. The use of online booking tools has dropped due to the need for critical features mentioned by travel. Managers in the survey include

  • Integrated destination health and safety information
  • Contextual policy application
  • Visually highlighted hotels that meet the Covid 19 safety protocols
  • Automatic ticket credits

Now, most travel managers are tilting toward hiring a travel management company (TMC) because of the benefits that come with it. By booking online or using a random agent, they tend to have limited travel inventory, travel expense fraud, lack of 24/7 support, ineffective travel policy compliance, and more. 

With a TMC, planning a business trip becomes strategic with its technology and expertise. They implement travel policies and aid easy approvals; they save your travel expense by 30%, send reports in a snap, and relieve travel managers of admin work. 

Asia is now the centre of business travel. An estimation by McKinsey and co was made that between 2014-2018 Asian business travel would be twice that of Europe. Asian employees are empowered through business trips, which is why they go often. Asian business travellers want to experience convenience and can get that from travel management companies. 

Best travel management companies in Asia 

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Trutrip is a leading global corporate travel management service that makes corporate travel work for you with a simple solution that enables you to deliver a world-class travel programme. With Trutrip, simplicity meets completeness. Through intelligent, hassle-free travel booking and management that drives true business impact whilst supporting your company’s goals and objectives. 

Trutrip has the technology that helps make travel management easier. From travel inventory that covers the world’s biggest suppliers with competitive prices that you can choose from, down to a smart policy that ensures employee compliance and management customisation and control.

They have automation and integration for payment, expenses, HR and travel policies, financial reporting, and more that you can use to free you from the stress of handling all of their things manually. Their traveller care and support are top-notch, as they have 24/7 traveller support from travel experts who have your travel-related concerns attended to quickly.

5 TM Approvals

Key highlights and features

  • Book for others fuss-free with our safely accessible user profiles
  • Wide travel inventory and competitive pricing
  • Smart and automated travel policy 
  • Maintain employees’ compliance with easy-to-use controls
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integrated risk intelligence
  • Tripsense is a free assessment tool to help you optimize your travel program
  • Truflex protects you from cancellation by ensuring you get up to 80% of your money back
  • Over a typical basket of flights, we’re within 0.5% of airline pricing
  • Takes travel from admin to impact, thus, helping to improve your traveller’s well-being and satisfaction
  • Automated detailed finance and post-travel report
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 24/7 traveller support service

Starting Price: Free and upgradable at your discretion

SAP Concur 

This TMC helps you connect financial data and take control of your spending. They automate your spending process and make it easier to make payments wherever you are. They simplify travel planning and management and make your travellers or employees book business travel on their own at very affordable rates. 

When planning a group trip, concur would place your business and employee goals at the centre of the trip to ensure that the trip is productive at the end of the day. Concur solutions also has structures to empower your employees while on the trip while taking control simultaneously. They also create a sustainable travel program that suits your business and environment.


  • Access to consolidated travel data on a single dashboard.
  • Make policy compliance easy for employees
  • Gives employees the freedom to book travel on their own
  • Track travelling employees to meet the duty of care responsibilities and keep employees safe
  • Allow employees to change reservations on the go, share itineraries, and get travel updates.

Corporate Travel Management (CTM)

is a worldwide business travel management that drives savings, efficiency, and safety to businesses and their employees worldwide. They give a well-tailored travel management solution for all your travel management needs. Though with TruTrip, you’d get not just a tailor-fit solution, our team would even assist in bridging the gap in your travel management programme and in creating your travel policies.

They also have an innovative technology for Automating travel planning. They help business owners or travel managers leverage their previous travel data to negotiate better deals. Their connections to so many suppliers help you gain control over your travel budget, too, hence helping you save money. 


  • The self-service online booking tool
  • 24/7 support
  • Risk alerts via email or SMS
  • Allow travellers to manage their trips and plan their trips on a go
  • Saves cost

Travel Perk

You can organize business trips for your company with TravelPerk because it has all its features in one location. You can plan, coordinate, and report on business travel using the integrated online booking tool.

Discover affordable prices and benefit from special offers on international flights, trains, car rentals, and lodging. Although with TruTrip, Over a typical basket of flights we’re within 0.5% of airline pricing, which guarantees competitive rates. Get the most recent safety and travel alerts, take advantage of the freedom to amend or cancel your reservation as needed and receive an 80% refund for additional peace of mind.

Utilize contemporary technology for a more practical approach to handle business travel all year long, and access real people-to-people help whenever you need it most.


  • Flexible travel management with Flexiperk
  • Keeps your employee safe during trips with travel care
  • Integrated policy and approval flow
  • Accessible and real-time expense reports
  • 24/7 customer support


Egencia is a corporate travel management company that assists businesses in managing traveller risk and ensuring their well-being. It bills itself as the only globally recognized B2B travel tech platform. Although the user interface of this trip management software is frequently praised, some have complained that it can be too information-heavy. TruTrip prides itself on its easy-to-use interface and its comprehensive risk management integration.

Egencia is a well-liked travel companion for many business travellers. However, it lacks VAT recovery, offers no free account management, has no set fee, and has additional expenditures, including those for customer service. Additionally, whether a traveller uses Egencia or not, utilizing it involves paying a fee.


  • Expense management
  • Policy compliance 
  • Travel itinerary management
  • Risk management
  • Profile management

Connexus Travel

Connexus Travel, located on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, is an award-winning travel agency that strives to offer the best business travel management in the Greater China Region. They take time to make the most of your employee’s journey with reliable and excellent digital tools. 

These tools offer applauding options and flexibility within travel policies. They also have a team of professional travel consultants that handles bookings for your trip manually and electronically. They also attend to help you get all the necessary travel documents that you need.


  • Innovative technology and solutions 
  • Seamless end-to-end experience for your travellers 
  • Unique and exclusive prices through a substantial network of partners

Global Travel

Global travel was incorporated in 1975, making them rank among the top locally independent travel management companies In Singapore and globally. This TMC can undertake each traveller’s requirements and expectations from a business trip. Over the years, they have been said to provide one-stop travel management solutions. 

With the help of technology, they assist you with accurate information that helps you make decisions while planning for the trip. They show you how your company can save up to 20% of your travel budget and cost savings travel management strategies. In crisis management, they have an app that immediately locates travellers in crises on the dashboard and provides assistance.


  • Customer-oriented travel experts
  • Instant provisions of risks that travellers might encounter 
  • Travel policy management and compliance 
  • Travel management reporting
  • Crisis management 

FCM Travels

The World Travel Awards have recognized FCM, the primary business travel division of Flight Centre Travel Group, as Asia’s top travel management firm for the eighth consecutive year. The adaptable and versatile travel technology platform from FCM anticipates and meets each company’s demands. Although user reviews have said they’ve been lagging on customer service, startup companies like TruTrip can attend to concerns in minutes for its round-the-clock support. 

To deliver the most customized business travel experience, our adaptable, globally connected teams are experts at negotiating the best prices for their customers. They also provide in-depth local knowledge and duty of care support. Businesses that frequently travel internationally, occasionally take a single trip, or have centralized their business travel across several markets can rely on FCM as a reliable travel partner.


  • Smooth and Seamless travel planning 
  • Delivers frictionless travel with technology 
  • Simple and streamlined bookings
  • Optimum reporting and analytics
  • Streamlined expense management process.

BCD Travel

BCD Travel is a TMC that sees corporate business travels as a driver of a company’s success. Their complete service plan helps you achieve your goal regarding going on business trips. You can book travel by yourself through their travel experts and access millions of travel options. 

With BCD Travel, you can control costs with travel policy integration and automated pre-trip approval. They ensure sustainable travel by making great choices for trips with sustainable features like emission displays, CO2, and displays.


  • Efficient travel booking
  • Saved cost with access to a lot of travel options
  • Access to expert advice in planning trips.
  • 24/7 interactive traveller care platform
  • Enhances sustainable travel


Travelonomic has an easy purchasing process that overcomes complicated business trips. One of their staff benefits is the lowest prices for hotels and airline tickets. With Travelonomic, you can expect to save about 20-30% of your travel budget, which is cost-effective. 

They also have comprehensive financial report automation that lets you track every transaction during the trip. With their request and approval flexibility, an employee can request a business trip anywhere, and you can approve it at any time without having to sit and hand it over.


  • Managed schedules and accommodations automatically
  • Automation of booking and ticket payment 
  • Comprehensive business trip database 
  • Real-time monitoring 
  • Customized travel policy


Using the website Traveloka, you may look for and reserve hotels and flights. Traveloka is a TMC that focuses on travel and ticketing. With Traveloka’s Best Price Finder, you can quickly view the lowest rates in a calendar style when looking for flights. With Traveloka’s Price Alerts, you may receive notifications on your phone whenever the cost of particular flights you’re interested in decreases or goes on sale! 

Traveloka has a large selection of affordable hotels, but they also provide additional savings during special promotions. And one occurs almost daily. Traveloka features a built-in review system, but to be safe, it also incorporates a TripAdvisor rating to make a more accurate, well-informed decision.


  • Integrated TripAdvisor reviews
  • Different payment platforms
  • Reviewed price alerts

Pegasus Travel

Pegasus Travel management offers a thorough, customized travel management program to reach the highest cost and time effectiveness levels efficiently. Pegasus offers an extensive set of travel management technology solutions. To provide a hassle-free travel experience for both the traveller arranger and the traveller, they will have a team of professionals who work to provide professional advice and 24/7 assistance.

This includes time-consuming reservations for air tickets, hotels, travel insurance, and other travel-related services, complex visa applications, travel restrictions, and health advisories.


  • Travel Insurance 
  • Latest updates on ever-changing situations
  • Comprehensive travel management 
  • Online booking tools
  • Visa applications and buying of air tickets.

Get started today with a leading travel management company

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Although the list above consists of the best, there’s nothing like a tailor-fit service that fits your travel needs! TruTrip can provide you with the customisation and flexibility that relieves you of any booking and travel management burden.

See how our platform is just the right technology to better your travel management programme, Book a demo or sign up for a free trial now!

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