Our Story

When it comes to business trips, TruTrip really gets down to business.

Over the years we racked up an embarrassing amount of air miles. With those miles, and our business leadership roles, we found ourselves confused and a little frustrated by the huge solution gaps that exist for many companies when it came to travel management - especially in South East Asia.

TruTrip is our answer to the gaps we and our clients see within the current market offering. We believe in better understanding our client’s needs of business and travel, we can achieve something great for you and for us.

What we believe

Impactful Travel Management

We know travel will rarely make it to the board room, but it is a critical area of management as: a top 5 controllable spend item, an essential growth driver (delivering over 12x return on spend), and an enabler to reduce business risk. Healthy travel management not only helps businesses achieve their goals but also with retention, performance and hiring.

Ready for anything

2020 redefined the idea of “business disruptions” and set new challenges for those looking to travel. We are already helping to get people flying again safely with agile Travel Restrictions built into policies and booking flow, Lower cost flexibility, Covid inclusive Travel Insurance, Travel Risk intelligence data at your fingertips as well as great alternative accommodation options like managed apartments from Agoda and detailed Green Lane “how to” series.

Fighting against beige

It always struck us how boring business travel became. We could be working thousands of miles apart and yet it still felt the same place - this just didn’t seem right to us. We know sometimes a sprinkling of familiarity is just what’s needed but sometimes something that’s out of the ordinary also helps boost your team. We want to enable all the options for you.

Playing well with others

We appreciate the value of focus and are therefore a pure play travel management platform, but we also recognise we are part of a more complete business management system. To meet the demands of our clients, we built our foundations to work with many other solutions on the market; from Finance, HR, Expenses and many Travel Experience add ons. Typical sales may like to talk about interoperability, but for us, it is just about playing well with others.

Working the way you do

We know the best travel programmes need adoption and support of it’s travellers to have impact; we think usability is an important part of that adoption. TruTrip aims to give your travellers an air of familiarity in order to make us feel like the right place to be; we do this through consumer grade design together with Language Support, Multi-currency, Local integrations, as well as, of course, Local travel partners.

Our Brand Values

Always Thoughtful

We’re constantly thinking of you, and for you. We obsess over every little detail in our product because we’re dedicated to constantly deliver and improve business travel management, so you always enjoy the best travel management experience.

Obsessed about the details

We’ll work to get even the smallest of details right – this means optimising our free-to-use platform to offer: better travel inventories, updated travel policies and relevant business integrations.

Thinking traveller-first

Being traveller-first is a mindset. This means we’ll aim to bring a human touch to business travel by taking care of the end-to-end journey.

Choose a better way to travel