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TruTrip Referral Progamme

Get up to $1,500 for every new client that you introduce

We really want to help businesses travel better and would love your help! If a business you refer to us completes their onboarding and starts booking with us, we'll pay you up to $1,500 (Singapore Dollars)

How it works

  • Sign up and agree to the terms
  • Provide your unique link and “how to” guide
  • Review our “exisiting relationships” list to avoid duplications

This bit is really up to you.

Share a link or actively speak to people you know in the business – the only thing we do not accept is introducing your own business or a business you are currently employed with.

The most successful referrer’s focus on organisations they know.

Get paid

For businesses that start using the platform from your link or introduction, we give you up to $1,500

Five reasons businesses should be using TruTrip

Businesses who switch from Travel Agencies can save 20-30% on the travel costs
Self serve and automations saves critical time teams need to spend focused on the business.
With our industry leading Health & Safety services and industry first innovations such as TruFlex, we do more to help protect your people, your business and your travel
With 24x7 support as standard as well as a whole raft of self serve support options, it's easy to get the support you and your team need
80% of our users rate us at least 8 out of 10 and would recommend us.

What else should you know...

What's the criteria to be paid?

To be paid, the following criteria need to be met:

  • You registered the contact prior to them creating an account
  • The account is registered to a formal organisation, e.g. a company, partnership, charity etc.
  • The organisation is not part of our existing database (which you will have access to review, including change history)
  • Within 100 days of registering the organisation completes trips worth at least $15,000 through our platform.
What if they don't spend $15,000?

If the lack of spend is due to travel restrictions (i.e. COVID), we’ll extend the window for as long as restrictions remain plus 100 days (the “billings deadline”).

After the billings deadline has passed, then we will either:
A) Pay $250 if the account has completed more than $1,000 in trips and with at least 5 active users
B) Make no payment, in the event the criteria of A has not been met.

How and when will I be paid?

We will pay you within two weeks of your referral either i) hitting the spend goal, or, ii) at the end of the billings deadline.
For payment, we will send you a link to complete your bank details as well as outlining the payment amount. On submission of your details, the transfer typically happens within 3 working days.

How do I know if the company has signed up?

In general it is in our interest to let you know – the more successful we can make you, the more successful we are.
If you feel we have not acknowledged the account, please let us know.
If we end up in a dispute, which we hope we don’t, it will be managed by independent mediator assigned in Singapore.

Is there a maximum amount I can earn?

No. As long as they are new accounts to us you can keep getting paid.