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Indonesia has taken numerous steps over the year to create a more business-friendly environment for local and international companies and investors which Indonesian corporate travel managers benefit from.

Some of these measures include tax incentives in industries like textile products, autos, pharmaceutical drugs, and the digital economy. Other efforts were made to create special economic zones (SEZs). Investing in these zones allows businesses to benefit from various forms of tax exemption and allowance.

Another important factor that is fueling the country’s appeal in the global economy is the increased availability of international flight routes from major Indonesian cities, such as the capital Jakarta. This is a great opportunity not just for international investors in Indonesia but also for Indonesian investors and businessmen who want to explore opportunities in the rest of the world, with important implications for Indonesian corporate travel and destination management tasks.

In this article, we are going to explore some popular destinations you can reach from Jakarta.

Best airports to travel from for Indonesian corporate travellers

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Jakarta business travel opportunities are numerous thanks also to the easiness with which you can reach many other international cities. These destinations represent great destinations in and of themselves, and they also offer travellers the chance to catch connecting flights to several other international cities. Here are some of the best airport routes.

Melbourne, Australia

Numerous airlines offer affordable direct flights between Jakarta and Melbourne. A nonstop flight to this destination is usually 6 hours and 30 minutes long, and it’s offered by major companies such as Garuda Indonesia and Qantas. Melbourne is also the third most important airport in Australia, with 33 airlines flying to 55 destinations.

Melbourne is a fast-growing city. Indonesian investors and businesses operating in industries such as healthcare and energy will find plenty of opportunities. Melbourne is also a very international city where more than 260 dialects are spoken. The city also has a thriving Indonesian community, with most Indonesians settling in areas like Southbank and Melbourne CBD.

Guangzhou, China

Garuda Indonesia and China Southern both offer direct flights between Jakarta and Guangzhou. The flight has a duration of around 5 hours, and it’s available at very affordable rates. Guangzhou’s airport is currently the third largest in China and allows Indonesian travellers to connect to 150 other destinations through 56 different airlines.

Guangzhou is one of the major centres fueling China’s economic growth. Over the years, the city has become a top destination for investors in China. This is thanks to its strong industrial ecosystem and various policies aimed at strengthening high-tech innovation and R&D.

Istanbul, Turkey

Direct flights between Jakarta and Instanbul are offered by both Turkish Airlines and Garuda Indonesia. This allows Indonesian business travellers to easily reach a very strategic airport with direct connections to virtually all major cities in Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

Istanbul is also a great business destination in and of itself. The city has seen a remarkable increase in infrastructure investments in recent years, and the Turkish government is currently reforming its investment policies to create a more attractive environment for foreign investors.


Singapore is one of the easier international cities that can be reached from Jakarta with a direct flight. Thai Lion Air, Jetstar, and KLM are only some of the many companies that offer nonstop flights between the two cities. The flight duration is less than two hours, and fares have become extremely affordable over the year. Even with short notice, it’s often possible to purchase a direct flight for less than $100. Moreover, Singapore’s two airports allow business travellers to catch connecting flights to countless destinations around the globe.

The status of Singapore as a major international business hub doesn’t need any presentation. The city-state boasts a highly developed infrastructure, world-class business services, and reliable utility networks. Indonesian investors and businesses can find great opportunities in sectors as diverse as technology, finance, and healthcare. Singapore is also home to numerous business events throughout the year.

Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea

Incheon is the airport serving the South Korean capital Seoul and can be reached from Jakarta with a direct flight. Korean Air and other airlines offer nonstop flights at competitive fares between the two cities. These flights usually take a bit over 7 hours. Moreover, Incheon International Airport allows Indonesian business travellers to catch direct flights to 129 destinations in 49 countries.

Seoul is one of the major business centres in Asia. It’s home to many corporate giants such as Hyundai, Samsung, and LG and offers a highly innovative business environment. Indonesian investors and businessmen operating in fields as diverse as technology and manufacturing can take advantage of Seoul’s infrastructure, services, and business policies to strengthen their international presence.

Business destinations that don’t require a Visa from Indonesian corporate travellers

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Countries and territories where Indonesian travellers can access without needing a tourist or business visa are of particular interest to Indonesian corporate travel managers, investors and business people. Here are some of the major ones.


The combination of strategic location, business-friendly environment, and low tax burden make Hong Kong a great destination for Indonesian business travellers looking for opportunities in Asia. The proximity to mainland China makes it an ideal destination for those operating in manufacturing sectors, while the city’s highly developed financial sector and banking services make it an attractive destination for both investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding.


As one of the strongest economies in Asia and in the world, Japan is an obvious destination for Indonesian business travellers. The country is a global leader in numerous industries, ranging from automotive to electronics to robotics. Being able to travel to Japan visa-free is an excellent advantage for Indonesian travellers looking to do business in the country.


Trade relationships between Indonesia and its neighbour Malaysia are very strong. As of 2017, Indonesia was Malaysia’s 7th largest source of imports, while Malaysia was Indonesia’s 4th, according to Wikipedia. This clearly goes to show how interconnected the two economies are. In 2022, Malaysia posted a very high GDP growth rate (8.7%). The country is one of the most open market economies in the South East Asia region, and opportunities can be found in numerous sectors.


Chile is one of the most economically and politically stable countries in Latin America and offers investors opportunities in various sectors, including mining, forestry, agriculture, and mining. As of today, the country is one of the world’s most important producers of copper and lithium, making it an ideal destination for Indonesian business travellers looking for reliable suppliers of these resources.


Cambodia is another geographically close nation where investors and businesspeople can find significant opportunities in numerous sectors. The country’s natural resources, fertile lands, and abundant water make it an ideal location for those wishing to invest in agriculture. The textile industry is also experiencing noticeable growth, fueled by relatively low costs and an increasingly skilled workforce. Tourism also plays an important part in the country’s development, as Cambodia offers numerous natural and historical attractions to its visitors.

Bonus Tips for Indonesian Business Travellers

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Those mentioned before are only some of the countries with which Indonesia has an agreement that allows its citizens to travel freely without needing a VISA. There are currently 40 countries in the world where Indonesians can roam freely without going through time-consuming bureaucratic procedures.

Another great tip for Indonesian business travellers exploring new destinations and business opportunities is to look for reliable translators and travel safety apps. These handy solutions allow tourists and entrepreneurs to communicate easily with locals, even if they don’t speak the same language. They can make a difference in business meetings and every interaction alike. Some of these apps include iTranslate and SayHi.

When travelling for business, it’s also advisable to choose world-class airports that offer the right combination of connecting flights, inclusivity, and the right amenities for businesspeople. We included some of these airports in the article, but there are several others available and easily reachable from Jakarta or other Indonesian locations.

Simplify your business travel tasks by leveraging modern solutions

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Indonesian companies and organizations with a travelling workforce can take advantage of innovative management solutions to make their business travel operations more efficient and overcome travel manager challenges.

Relying on online travel agents and commercial booking websites can have its drawbacks and limitations, resulting in higher costs and a lack of flexibility. 

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