What do modern corporate travel managers actually do?

Martin Go
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As the travel industry continues to evolve, so does the travel manager’s role. Before travel technologies, corporate travel managers were tasked with booking flights, and hotels, acquiring event tickets and making sure travellers have a smooth sailing trip. 

With the emergence of online booking tools, travel agents and especially corporate travel management systems, all of these things are now taken care of. So what do successful tech-savvy travel managers do in this day and age? We’ve researched and here’s what found out: 

Navigating communication within the company

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Clear and effective communication is essential for any successful travel program. With TMCs, travel managers can easily communicate with various departments and employees, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

In addition, these platforms allow for seamless communication between finance departments, senior leadership, and travelling employees, making managing travel expenses and policies easier than ever.  

Coordinating with Travel Vendors and TMCs

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Effective coordination with travel vendors and TMCs can make or break a travel program. TruTrip understands this and works closely with vendors and TMCs to ensure smooth and efficient travel experiences. 

From booking flights to handling unexpected travel disruptions, TruTrip’s partnerships with top travel vendors and TMCs ensure that your company receives the best possible service. So travel with confidence, knowing that TruTrip has your back.

Managing automated travel policies

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Sure, having your travel policy automated is a heaven-sent not just for you, but for everyone affected. But travel managers don’t stop with encoding and automating the policies. After all, at the end of the day, technology is still a tool.

Travel managers should see to it that the policies in effect are still effective and properly implemented. Oversee the travel booking approval workflow, and have a discerning eye if there are problems with compliance or if it’s affecting other areas and departments. For one, travel policies may affect business travel ROI and your employees’ behaviour, more of that here.

Analyzing data from business travel reports regularly


As a travel manager, you ought to strive to deliver the best possible travel experience for your employees while controlling costs. 

But how can you make the right decisions to achieve those goals? TMC provided platform provides powerful data analysis tools that help you understand the full picture of your travel program. 

By leveraging this data, you can optimize everything from policies to vendor partnerships to traveller comfort, all while making data-driven decisions. With TruTrip’s insights, you can unlock the full potential of your travel program and elevate your company’s travel experiences to the next level.

Balancing travellers’ comfort and travel costs 

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It’s common knowledge that travel ain’t cheap, and that business travel can be stressful. Travel managers are tasked to balance both putting the travellers first without breaking the bank. 

Providing comfort for business travellers doesn’t end with a fancy flight and amenity-filled hotels, it’s also in making sure they have all the travel documents and are travelling safely. Though it comes with a cost, acquiring travel systems equipped to aid business travellers with information and convenience allows travel with ease. 

Travel managers should check in with their travellers if they’re mentally ready to take on the task and have done their due diligence to be equipped with the culture, language barrier and safety risks they may face.

Ensuring travel safety with technology


As a travel manager, the safety and security of your travellers are paramount. You can have peace of mind knowing that traveller tracking systems are in place to ensure their safety at all times.

TruTrip’s tracking system enables you to monitor your travellers’ whereabouts and get real-time alerts in case of an emergency, natural disaster, or any other unexpected event. This information lets you quickly and effectively respond to the situation and ensure your travellers’ safety.

In addition to tracking your travellers, TMCs also provide access to valuable safety information, including destination-specific health and safety advisories and vaccination requirements. This information can help you make informed decisions about your travel program and ensure that your travellers are well-informed and prepared for their trips.

Corporate travel managers’ life made easier with TruTrip

As travel management continues to evolve, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge tools and strategies. TruTrip offers a comprehensive solution combining advanced technology with personalized support, ensuring your travel management needs are easily met. 

From policy management to data analysis, TruTrip streamlines the entire process, saving you valuable time and resources. With TruTrip, you can rest assured that your employees are safe and comfortable while travelling and your business is optimized for success. 

 Take control of your travel management today and see the difference TruTrip can make. Jadwalkan demo atau mendaftar untuk uji coba gratis and prepare for a more efficient and successful future.