Here’s why your business needs to automate travel management

Kiran Sidhu
Kiran Sidhu
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Automating business travel management has never been easier

A few years ago travelling for work meant multiple emails for approval, high-cost changes, and manual tracking. If this is still the present for your company – there’s a better way to manage your business travels.  

Automation can be seen all over how people live today. From communicating, learning, and even working, that efficiency has given the opportunity to perform better and have more time for themselves. Getting an automated business travel solution minimizes human error and also enables companies to develop ideal travel policies. Delaying the automation of corporate travel can actually have companies lose money. 

Here are some clear-cut benefits to businesses when they automate business travel management. 

Get up to 35% savings cost

Did you know that travel and expenses is the 2nd largest cost in most companies? The good news is that it’s controllable with the right set of tools. Above everything else, driving efficiencies in booking and management of trips saves money. Combine that with a comprehensive inventory of flights and hotels for travellers to choose more cost-efficient options, there’s guaranteed savings for companies.

Less time on paperwork, more time closing deals

Let’s list how many people are involved in booking a business trip: the traveller, a business admin, a travel agency or corporate travel service, and approving manager. Now multiply that number with email back-and-forths until the business trip is booked. That’s a lot of billable hours lost on travel management when it can be used to focus on your clients and grow the business. When you automate, there’s one place for all the activity and easy approvals for reservations. 

When it all boils down, the business is only as effective as it’s people. Automation improves the business traveller experience and that can only mean a positive impact for your company. 

travel management automation
Automated travel management solutions for businesses
Easy integration

Business travel doesn’t need to be a hassle. Automating process and linking your travel policies to payment, billing, expenses, claims will make your life easier. Spend less time on double checking receipts or invoices with easy integrations and better travel management controls.

Imagine automated reports the way your want it! View reports in 1 dashboard and send updates to stakeholders the way they want to see it too.

travel management dashboard
All in 1 travel management dashboard
Improved safety

Automated travel risk alerts will help you and your travellers stay safe too, especially when embarking on international trips. Travellers can react and make decisions faster with real time notifications and assessment of ‘high risk’ situations. Same goes for the travel manager who is responsible for monitoring travellers movement and travel activities.

By integrating Riskline and automating travel alerts into our platform, the travellers safety is greatly improved. Your team will thank you for safeguarding them against any travel risks and travel with confidence.

Want to know how to automate your travel management?

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