3 Fresh Alternatives to Corporate Traveller in Australia

Krizia Mojado

When you’re handling travel for multiple employees, you can get overwhelmed fast.

That’s why smart businesses resort to 差旅管理公司. 

Ordinary booking sites may help you book flights and reserve hotel rooms but TMCs offers a ton of sweet perks you won’t find on your own. These include advanced travel planning features, spending analysis insights, readily available support, customization options and readily available support. 

Corporate Traveller is one of the most popular TMCs in Australia. However, many alternative TMCs offer similar services and can cater to your specific needs. We’ll start with a quick overview of  Corporate Traveller and then explore three fresh alternatives to consider for companies who want to branch out and frequent countries outside Australia. 

Corporate Traveller

If you’re mostly running travel management operations in Australia, this platform is custom-tailored to meet your needs. Their client-centric approach is so meticulous it’s akin to having a personal travel assistant at your disposal. 

Corporate Traveller Australia leverages cutting-edge solutions and intuitive online booking tools (OBTs), streamlining the entire travel management process. These tools are designed to economize your time by offering straightforward access to essential travel information.

When choosing your accommodation rates, you’re presented with two options: a custom plan or the SmartSTAY package, allowing you to choose the best fit for your business. 

Starting price: No subscription fee, can be upgraded


  • Advanced, user-friendly technology
  • Expert assistance in managing your travel expenses efficiently


  • Access to some discounts is contingent upon reaching specific quotas.
  • Limitations to service travel operations outside of Australia
  • The level of technological sophistication may be overwhelming for some users.

Fresh Alternative Pick #1: 旅行

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TruTrip, founded in 2019 in Singapore, is a popular business travel solution, known for offering the best rates for TMCs in the APAC region. It provides an integrated and extremely user-friendly travel management system, allowing business travellers to choose from a wide range of flight, hotel, car rental, and workplace booking options. 

TruTrip’s platform stands out for its 靈活性, enabling travel managers to customize policies for individuals or teams, track trips, monitor safety issues in each destination, and obtain detailed insights and reports on the company’s overall travel management activity to identify potential improvement areas. Furthermore, TruTrip enhances the booking experience with a multicurrency feature within its app, allowing for better invoicing and finance management for companies operating in different countries.

 The platform also boasts a very handy concierge feature, supported by a dedicated team working across different countries to ensure round-the-clock assistance. This means users can delegate the booking process to TruTrip’s staff when self-service tools don’t meet their needs, ensuring a seamless travel planning experience.

Starting price: free basic plan available


  • Effortless integration with other tools
  • Multicurrency-abled invoicing and bookings
  • Rapid 24/7 customer support


  • The tool and team are focused on self-serve solution so companies who enjoy a predominately offline experience may find the transition to online frustrating

Fresh Alternative Pick #2: BCD 旅遊

Based in the Netherlands, BCD Travel stands out as a comprehensive travel management company, offering an extensive suite of services that cater to corporate travel needs. These services encompass everything from planning and booking corporate journeys to managing expenses and mitigating risks. 

With a presence in over 160 countries, including Singapore, BCD Travel is geared towards helping businesses economize while ensuring the safety and productivity of their travellers.

BCD Travel provides clients with exclusive access to deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals, alongside round-the-clock customer support to address any potential issues during trips. The company goes further to facilitate travel preparations such as visa arrangements and tailors its booking system to accommodate clients’ preferred vendors and loyalty programs.

One of BCD Travel’s standout features is its TripSource app, which empowers travellers to effortlessly book flights and manage itineraries from anywhere. Additionally, the company places a significant emphasis on travel risk management, equipping businesses with the necessary resources and tools to safeguard their travelling employees.

BCD Travel also offers the “DecisionSource” service, which enhances travel protocols through the provision of real-time insights and data analysis, ensuring a smarter and safer travel experience.

Starting Price: Request pricing


  • Access to exclusive deals
  • Comprehensive expense management tools
  • Convenient mobile app


  • Limited flexibility for changes and cancellations

Fresh Alternative Pick #3: WeGoPro

Available in Singapore and numerous other countries globally, WeGoPro is a premier travel management company catering to both corporate and personal travel needs. 

This company streamlines the planning, booking, and management of trips with its extensive selection of airlines and hotels. 

It offers integrated workflows for substantial savings, destination-specific safety advice, and user-friendly tools for scanning receipts and setting expense policies.

Starting Price: Request pricing


  • Exceptional affordability
  • Convenient mobile application


  • Issues with report exports have been noted by some users

Best Suited For

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Corporate Traveller

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises benefit significantly from the lack of a subscription fee, making it perfectly suited for businesses with minimal travel requirements. It’s an ideal solution for companies that do not need to book and manage more than 8-10 trips monthly.


  • Companies seeking extensive flexibility in creating travel policies tailored to various travellers. It offers an intuitive interface for policy adjustment, along with a wealth of features designed to manage, track, and control expenses effortlessly.
  • Companies in need of expert assistance to either establish their travel programs from the ground up or enhance their current ones will benefit greatly. This service significantly reduces the time required for onboarding.

BCD 旅遊

  • Companies that prioritize employee safety and risk management will find BCD Travel an ideal solution. Its robust features provide businesses with the necessary tools to ensure employees travel safely, especially during uncertain times.


  • Smaller businesses or startups looking for a budget-friendly yet comprehensive travel management system can benefit from WeGoPro’s cost-effective plan. It offers all the essential features needed for smooth travel planning, booking, and management without breaking the bank.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, while Corporate Traveller offers a compelling suite of features for travel management, alternatives like TruTrip, BCD Travel, and WeGoPro present valuable options for businesses with varying needs and priorities.

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TruTrip emerges as the best value choice, particularly for those seeking swift onboarding, comprehensive booking features, flexible rates, and extensive policy customization combined with a modern and user-friendly interface. Its blend of expert assistance and technological efficiency positions it as a leading travel management service, capable of adapting to the diverse demands of today’s business travel. For companies intrigued by the prospect of a streamlined, efficient travel management system that doesn’t compromise on customization or support, 預約演示 要么 starting a free trial with TruTrip could be the key step towards optimizing your corporate travel strategy.