Create a corporate travel policy: 3 ways TruTrip can help


When it comes to drawing up an effective work-related corporate travel policy, simply setting certain rules and a budget isn’t enough. You want to focus on solid business travel management that brings about organizational efficiency while being strategic with your resource allocation. 

With the ever-expanding wave of digitization, businesses need to keep up with their travel policies. Despite that, our data shows that only 73% of companies have a travel policy.

According to a 报告 by the Global Business Travel Association, 79% of employees claimed that their business travel experience greatly impacts their overall job satisfaction. For business leaders, this can be a wake-up call to emphasize the importance of an automated corporate travel policy for smooth operations. 

As a company with a travelling workforce, what you need is a tool that can customize your travel policy with flexibility. This article will help you understand how TruTrip can assist you in drawing the best corporate travel policy that will benefit both you and your employees alike.

What do you need for an efficient corporate travel policy?

Consider corporate travel policies the ultimate guidebook that has all the information your employees need regarding business trips. The last thing it needs is any grey areas that make it difficult to capture the procedures of your global operations. 

Platforms like TruTrip assist you with crafting efficient travel guidelines and offering tools that maximize policy adherence. Here is what you need to get started. 

Booking and transaction report

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If you want your travel policy to stay ahead of the curve, incorporating online booking tools and tech would surely make a huge difference. According to an estimate by Statista, by 2028, 76% of revenue from the travel industry will come from online sales. 

With TruTrip you can make use of the many features that are curated to help you establish this. For instance, if you want to get an accurate picture of your booking and transaction details, we offer a benchmarking service that can assist you with that. This can help travel managers identify areas that can help cut costs while encouraging employees to optimally budget their travel trips.

By automating your travel management, you can ensure a thorough record of your travel patterns, assist in reducing costs, and simplify expense tracking and allocation.

While crafting your travel policy, keep in mind that you aren’t just giving guidelines as to what your employees can or cannot do. You want to make sure that every policy has a benefit that saves business costs and takes care of the employee’s needs. A good banking and transaction report system can help keep you on the right track.  

Business travel management expertise

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Remember that with travel policies, there is no one-size-fits-all approach! This is where keeping your company’s travel data is of the essence. To help keep up, TruTrip offers tools that can optimize your data efficiently to turn them into insights that help you understand what works for you and what doesn’t. 

With TruTrip, you can understand why and how your employees travel. We provide insights that help you enhance your policy, maximizing the intent to save, which will have a positive impact on your ROI and overall operational efficiency. 

TruTrip makes it possible by understanding your travel trends, expenditure patterns, and saturated travel seasons to help you make informed decisions. We offer features that identify the best time to book flights and hotels, look into global events that might affect your travel plans, and point out potential travel hazards all in one place. Not to mention, with the travel label feature, you can put labels on flights, hotels, and meeting rooms to weigh in your finances cleverly. 

With these insights, you can adjust your strategy and capitalize on cost-saving opportunities. What might initially seem like a small change can yield bigger gains for your company in the future. 

Artificial Intelligence

Create your own travel policy in just a few clicks

We at TruTrip are passionate about travel management solutions, and we’re here to help you jumpstart your corporate travel policy for your business. 

With our free Travel Policy Builder tool, the data you provide is used to give suggestions related to what options you might have to make your policy stand out even more. It helps consider the circumstances of the traveller while setting budgets and deadlines. In the long run, you can save up more money on high-budget trips and enhance your company’s bottom line.

Such free tools can greatly assist SMEs and startups, despite their newness, in defining an efficient corporate travel policy. Keep in mind that the current version of your travel policy isn’t set in stone, and you can always adjust it to meet your changing requirements. 

Draw the best corporate travel policy for your team using TruTrip

To sum it up, it’s evident that leveraging platforms like TruTrip can not only save you valuable time but can also promise smooth travel and people management for your company. After all, it is your well-composed corporate travel policy that keeps your business travels standing firm! 

Not sure where to start? Book a 演示 要么 报名 for a free trial on TruTrip to know more!