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The whole world, particularly the South Asian countries, felt the most extended halt in international business and leisure travel. However, Singapore has recently announced a new pilot program where a new business travel pass will be generated where the owners can travel to multiple countries abiding by strict itinerary schedules. You can read more about this here.

As Singapore becomes more accessible and ready for tourists, let’s put some light on the business traveller. Anyone planning to fly into Singapore can check the latest travel updates about Singapore here.

A business trip sounds too mundane to most people. And sometimes it does turn out to be a slight bit boring. But that must not be the case always, right? After all, there are ways to make it a fun business trip too. There is a new term in the travel dictionary, making rounds, called “Bleisure” travel. It is a hybrid of Business + Leisure travel.

In an article by BBC, Jeanne Liu of the Global Business Travel Association says, “Worldwide, more than one in three business travellers will add a leisure component to at least one of their business trips this year. Travel wellbeing relates to job satisfaction, which means people stay productive and stay longer in their jobs.”

Here are some fun and quick activities you can do in Singapore 

We’ll tackle some activities business travellers can do in a day during their business trips.

Everyday Street Art + Food walk

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This is the number 1 experience in Singapore with over 200 ratings. This activity is for people who enjoy exploring food options. On this trail, you will explore foods from different ethnic groups in Singapore. You will learn the secrets behind the best stalls in the area. It is vegetarian-friendly (if informed prior), special arrangements can be made (gluten-free and vegan options), and the commercial stalls are avoided to give a truly authentic experience of food tasting. Group size remains to a maximum of 6 people.

Price: $88

Distance from city centre: 20 minutes

Distance from Airport: 20 minutes

Duration of activity: 3.5 hours

Garden By the Bay Portrait Photography

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Have you ever wanted to capture insta-worthy photos? This trail will take you across all the Instagram-worthy sports across Singapore. Stephan is an excellent photographer with five-star reviews on Airbnb. He uses a professional canon camera to capture your photos and professionally edit them too. From portraits to tourist photos to small videos for Instagram reels (from your own phone), you’ll get them all. Isn’t this a cool way to get the most out of your business trip in a short span?

Price: $85

Distance from city centre: 20 minutes

Distance from Airport: 17 minutes

Duration of activity: 2 hours

A stroll in the historical Kampong Glam


Explore the historic and colourful streets of Kampong Glam. The trail starts from the MTR station, heads to Aram street and more, while learning about the indigenous cultures, a spot traditionally run businesses, old mosques, Baghdad and Kandahar streets and markets, and more. The host, Rara, provides a local dish and some tea for refreshments. A perfect way to explore a new city on foot with a friendly and knowledgeable guide.

Price: $67

Distance from city centre: 24 minutes

Distance from Airport: 18 minutes

Duration of activity: 2.5 hours

Everyday secrets of SG public housing

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If exploring and meeting new people and trying new foods are on your to-do list, then this tour is perfect for you. Here, you will visit 3 different types of public housing estates and learn the hidden secrets of how these places add to the multiculturalism of Singapore. You will trail down the Tanjong Pagar residential neighbourhood where traditional and modern businesses coexist. This is also listed as one of the 50 coolest neighbourhoods in the world. Step out of the main touristy places of Singapore and take a glimpse of the “behind the scenes” of the urban lifestyle.

Price: $56

Distance from city centre: 15 minutes

Distance from Airport: 22 minutes

Duration of activity: 2 hours

The best of Singapore in one night

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If you’ve got one night that you can spare on your business trip, then this is the perfect activity for you. Here, you will learn about all the historic and cultural landmarks of the city to the breathtaking skyline of Marina Bay at night time. The host has included some light snacks and refreshments for you along the way. It is perfect for first-time solo travellers and short business travellers.

Price: $48

Distance from city centre: 15 minutes

Distance from Airport: 20 minutes

Duration of activity: 2 hours

Zebra Urban Safari Bicycle Tour with guide

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This is an excellent outdoor activity for the ones who are stuck indoors throughout their business trip. Everyone on board is given a 20inch foldable bicycle with helmets, and some food stopovers. Mark from Zebra bikes is the host who will take you to spots like the Eunos market, East Coast Pier, Changi Hong San Ki temple, and many more. However, it is good to note that in case of rain, the trip might get cancelled. 

Price: $56

Distance from city centre: 13 minutes

Distance from Airport: 15 minutes

Duration of activity: 3 hours

Nostalgic China Town


If you enjoy old-school Chinese shops and markets, then this trip is for you. Take a stroll across Chinatown, Singapore with a host who will educate you about the facts and inside stories of the area. Jasmine, the host, grew up in the area and is a trained tourist guide who enjoys sharing her knowledge of the history and culture of Singapore. You will spot Hindu and Buddhist temples, and tiny shops for cheap products, this will be a whole new perspective to Singapore you otherwise don’t see.

Price: $35

Distance from city centre: 5 minutes

Distance from Airport: 21 minutes

Duration of activity: 2.5 hours

Learn to play Mahjong in a local home

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If you’ve seen the series, “Crazy Rich Asians”, then this might interest you. Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game that Sabrina, the host will show and teach you how to play. This is especially great for a group of people travelling for business or a small family. It is an excellent ice breaker and a fascinating team activity, perfect to create fun memories.

Price: $50

Distance from city centre: 15 minutes

Distance from Airport: 20 minutes

Duration of activity: 2.5 hours

As bleisure travel or bizcation (business + vacation) is becoming the new flexible norm, it goes without saying that this is an excellent way to reduce stress levels in employees, increase their happiness index, help in a better work-life balance, and is perfect for boosting their morale. These activities are quick, short, and aren’t time-consuming. These Airbnb activities are the perfect way to host a team-building exercise or build an ice-breaker or meet new people on your work or solo trips. What better way to know your colleagues than travel with them, right?

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