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How Much Will I Pay If I Change My Plan mid-cycle?

For increases in your subscriptions, we shall bill you as per the following 

  • For monthly subscriptions, we will charge you depending on the days until the next billing cycle, where “tomorrow” would be counted as the first day (i.e. if I subscribe on the 25th and my billing cycle is on the 27th, that would be 2 days):
Days until your billing dateCharge
5 or lessNo charge
6-10 days20%
11-15 days40%
16-20 days60%
21-25 days80%
26 or moreFull charge (100%)
  • For annual subscriptions we prorate the amount to the number of days until the next billing cycle. For example:
    • Annual Subscription amount $1,500.00 (the normal ‘full year’ rate
    • Subscription date: 8th April 2021 (the date you make the change)
    • Normal billing cycle date: 15th February 2022, making in 313 days until next billing cycle, or 85.75% of the year. 
    • The prorated subscription fee equates to $1,286.30

For decreases in your subscriptions, your updated fees will be reflected in the next card charge.

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