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How do I make changes or cancel my booking?

You are able to request changes or even cancel your flight and hotel bookings. However, you are subjected to the terms and conditions of the fare selected with the service provider (airline or hotel establishment).

The best way for you to confirm the terms and conditions of your booking would be through your confirmation email sent by TruTrip. If you face difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us via the live chat support at the bottom right corner of your screen. Also, you may contact us at +65 3129 2139 or via email to [email protected]

Here are some basic information you can provide us to ensure we are able to effectively inform you about the eligibility of changes and cancellations to your bookings:-

Flight Bookings

1) Your flight booking number – this is available in the booking confirmation email sent to you once your flight booking has been confirmed
2) Your full name and email address with the details of the flight you would like to make changes or cancel (departure and arrival details and timing) in order for us to verify your identity
3) If you are sending us an email, forward your request over the confirmation email you have received for your flight booking

Hotel Bookings

1) The terms and conditions of the booking is listed on your booking screen for your convenience
2) Should you like to proceed making any special requests or even cancellations, please provide us with the booking number and your full name as well as email address

Note: For security purposes, our customer service agent may contact you for more information in order to verify your identity. We apologise for any inconveniences however our team prioritises the safety and security in order to avoid potential losses for our customers.

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