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How do I get started as an admin?

Welcome to TruTrip! We are excited to have your company on board with us and look forward to helping with your business travel. To get started, we will suggest to complete your company settings and start adding your travellers.

Step 1 – Set up your company settings

Head over to the icon on right and select company settings. Start by adding your office address, billing information and payment method (we would not charge you anything unless you book a ticket). For your payment method, you can select if it only you who can use this card or others. If it is a corporate card for your company, you can select others.

You can also input your company identification number or business registration but this is optional right now.

Step 2 – Set up your users and user groups

Users and user groups will be the people in your company who will be travelling. User will be the traveller while user groups can be the department or the team they are in.

Step 3 – Adding your payment method
Fill in all billing information then add in your preferred payment method and the credit card details required. You can select your chosen Currency and set it as default too.

Step 4 – Defining your travel policy
Next set up your travel policy and if needed multiple travel policies for the different users or user groups. Here, you will be able to set compliance, safety, financial and budget controls as required by your business.

Step 5 – Creating the approval process
Once you have your travel policy in place, you can then set up an approval process according to your company’s and team’s level of authority. The workflows are automated – you and the traveller will be notified when a request is approved.

Step 6 – Inviting your team and onboarding
You are almost there! After setting up your company’s profile, user groups, travel policy and approval process, you can start to invite users and your team to start using TruTrip for all their travel needs.

Should you have questions about Getting Started please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 3129 2139 or email us at

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