Covid Entry Check: Thailand Travel Restrictions

This Thailand dashboard provides you with information on travel restrictions, quarantine on entry, Covid-19 cases, entry requirements and green lane updates.

  • Partially Open
  • Up to 14 Days
Last reviewed on 27 May 2022, 02:40AM UTC

Covid-19 Statistics
-29.89% (last 7 days)
24.98% (last 7 days)

Can you enter?

Entry is restricted to Citizens and PRs, Spouse & Children of Citizens/PRs, Other Residents (pass holders), Business Travellers, the following travellers may also enter:
• Travellers under the Sandbox Program may enter.
For countries listed in greenlanes:
• Nationals of these countries with an APEC Business Travel Card arriving from the country that issued the APEC Business Travel Card may enter.
• They must not have been in a country listed in red lanes in the past 14 days.

Other important information:
• Travellers must have a Certificate of Entry (COE) issued by Royal Thai Embassy, and download the ThailandPlus App and register by using COE number and reference code.
• Foreign travellers entering or transiting(if disemarking the aircraft) through Thailand or Nationals of Thailand must have insurance to cover medical expenses in Thailand with a coverage cost of at least USD 50, 000
• For more information please visit
• Please note that the Exemption from Quarantine scheme is currently suspended

For Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe:
Entry for travellers who in the past 14 days have been in these countries is limited to nationals and residents of Thailand

What to expect in Thailand?

📝 Before your trip

You must obtain advance arrival permission to board your plane.
You are required to complete a pre-arrival form.
Form Details:
Travellers must have a Certificate of Entry (COE) issued by Royal Thai Embassy, or a Thailand Pass QR code obtained at and download the ThailandPlus App and register by using COE number and reference code.

You will need a formal Medical Certificate presenting a negative PCR test from an accepted establishment.
Your Certificate must be within 3 days of your arrival.
Testing Details:
Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health announced that COVID-19 will be labelled as an endemic from 1 July, following a reduction in the disease’s mortality rate. International travellers will not be required to test for COVID-19 to enter; large gatherings will be permitted and most venues will be allowed to open, while social distancing and face masks will only be required in risk-prone areas. Effective 1 April, pre-departure COVID-19 RT-PCR tests for international arrivals will be discontinued. Inbound travellers will still be required to undergo testing on arrival and a self-test on day five of their stay.

🛬 On Arrival

On Arrival you will be required to complete a test for Covid, with the cost borne by the traveller.

😷 Quarantine details

General arrivals will be required to quarantine for up to 14days; Quarantine served at a dedicated facility (costs borne by traveller) (special arrangement may apply due to GreenLanes). For more information:

🛂 Travel restrictions

There are routes that have Green Lanes with fewer restrictions, see below.
There are no routes that have greater restrictions at this time.

✅ Greenlane Agreement
Other GreenLanes are available from
Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam