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More corporate travel risks have been discovered due to the changes in the world’s economy. Global changes tend to affect business trips. In one way or the other, these changes result in challenges that put employees at risk during business trips. According to outlook reports from two risk management companies, companies worldwide will face an increasingly complex risk landscape with employee health and civil unrest highlighted as one of the top challenges for 2022.

Regardless of all these risks and challenges faced during business travels, companies still have to go for trips because it is expedient for the growth of their companies. This shows that companies must prioritize travel risk management while planning for business trips to ensure the safety of their employees.

Business travel risk management‘s primary duty is to provide critical assistance to business travellers while ensuring their safety as they represent the company outside the physical bounds of the office. Travel risk management covers how businesses anticipate, assess, and implement appropriate measures to manage the potential impact of risks, develop mitigation strategies, and communicate projected risk exposures to their employees.

As stated before, travel risks have taken on a different shape recently, which means companies should incorporate more solutions as part of their corporate travel risk management. Your company should come up with a policy and program that makes the complicated duty of care easy and effective. At TruTrip, our travel risk management consists of an intelligent policy builder that links you to all the travel safety information in one place by clicking a button. 

Here are some things you should stay on top of this year:

Risk Personalization 

The focus shifted from the risk of the employee to the organization but the risk of travelling to a person. It involves taking time to map out the risks that each employee can face individually asides from the check on location, hotel, health, and travel restrictions.

For example, if you have employees who identify under the umbrella of the LGBTQIA+ community, you must consider their risk factors because some countries’ cultures and practices are not as welcoming as some. Though being homosexual isn’t a risk but a vulnerability in an environment with anti-gay sentiments.

A BT Fit to fly 1
TruTrip’s Fit to Fly feature allows you to build travellers profile for your employees

Your travel risk management should be able to take a vulnerability assessment or profile of each employee to properly factor out the risks that each of them can face. It can be due to their beliefs, practices, race, family health history, and other factors that You shouldn’t overlook.

Prevention of cyber attacks

The shift from being physical at work to remote work has caused an increase in cybercrime. Remote jobs have created a ripe environment for cyber criminals to exploit vulnerable home networks. There would be a case of cyber attacks, even though companies are now going for travels or work that remains remote.

Just imagine your employee on a trip, then joins the public wifi using the company laptop. Now confidential information could possibly be compromised since his digital movements can now be tracked and hacked. Cybercriminals are becoming more crafty with their ways and can hack into the WiFi login page and have access to the registered device. This can be dangerous to your employee and the company. This is why your travel risk management should strategize how these risks can be attenuated.

Your company can consider investing time and effort in risk management to boost your cyber security defences and train your employees to secure their devices. Your travel risk management should include a cybersecurity system capable of protecting your electronic devices outside of your physical office space.

Civil unrest

There have been increasing street criminals historically. Your employees can run into a very dramatically different experience even in familiar lo actions while on a trip. There might be an election going on, or probably the order of the place has changed due to violence or any incident that might have happened. In a situation like this, you might have to spend more on logistics and upfront risks.

TruTrip platform offers overall travel safety information and a course of action advice.

When there’s civil unrest, your employee might have to be moved to a different country before finishing what they can do or maybe evacuated totally from that place. So with this in view, you as a travel manager have to increase your planning level, hence why you should have strong travel risk management.

Terrorist Attacks

Attacks can happen anywhere in the world and usually come with little or no warning. Terrorist attacks can happen to almost anyone targeted. Terrorists are increasingly looking for marks that aren’t well-protected, such as bars, restaurants, shops, places of worship, tourist attractions, and transportation networks.

So, anyone going on a trip is liable to experience a terrorist attack. You should already plan solutions for anyone going on the trip.

Your travel management should include a platform allowing you to access the risks in a particular place to be sure to embark on the journey and make plans for the worst that could happen. You should also provide escape routes around their location or wherever they go.

How TruTrip helps with corporate travel risks

Travel becomes more seamless, intuitive, and adaptable when the right business travel management technology is used. Employees can be kept engaged by providing InformationInformation at all times and maintaining an open line of communication.


You can rely on our 24-hour support if something goes wrong with your business travellers . We have Travel advisories containing current travel restrictions and alerts. Continuous location tracking of travellers and risk intelligence to give accurate time information about the location of your employee on a trip.

Get the help you need for your travel risk management

With our advanced technology and all-in-one platform, we can take you through how you can adapt to the ever-changing risks and ensure travel safety better. Schedule a demo or sign up for a free trial and we’ll show you how we can make things better for you.

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