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There is still real value in business travel for companies with 60% of business travellers saying that major deals and decisions cannot be made virtually. However, the travel landscape has changed and along with it, so has business traveller demand. 

At TruTrip, we have focused on creating a product that addresses the newest travel demands and help businesses that are rethinking travel. Our founder, Hugh Batley, recently spoke to Richard Bradbury from the Malaysian radio station, BFM 89.9’s Open for Business segment.

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Here we cover the main points of the interview on how TruTrip makes business travel better for you. If you’d like to listen to the full interview, we’ve included the podcast link at the bottom of this article.

Launching Covid Entry Check

TruTrip’s Covid Entry Check is a handy tool for every traveller that was born out of the pandemic.

“It enables users to come to our site and look at route specifics. People can put in their start point and destination, and we will tell them whether the route appears to be open to them based on the regulations – giving them a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ status and telling them if there is a green lane that is applicable.  We give them referenced information including the government websites, so they have the source and forms that they need. We also provide information on current Covid stats in the region.”

With this information, people can make better informed decisions about their travel plans. Over 200 local government travel advisories and 34,000+ routes are monitored to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. TruTrip has also partnered with Riskline for its proactive travel risk intelligence so clients can be notified of changes as they happen.

Can you travel? Covid-19 pandemic

How does TruTrip keep travellers safe?

The travel landscape remains an ever- changing one and TruTrip can help keep travellers safe through risk mitigation and being transparent.

  • Risk mitigation: By providing current information about your chosen route through Covid Entry Check, offering cancel for any reason flexibility with TruFlex up to 24 hours in advance for 80% refund, partnership with Riskline for risk information.
  • Transparency: The Traveller Dashboard is a seamless tracking system that includes risk intelligence. Travel managers can monitor team members in real time as part of their Duty of Care. TruTrip supports travellers 24/7 through chat, phone and email. 
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The benefits of TruTrip vs consumer booking platforms

‘‘For us, it is more about the business tools that wrap around our product that really adds value to a business… When you are thinking purely [about the] trip, it’s hard to differentiate the benefits. But when you start to expand out to the life of the traveller and travel manager, then you can really see how we bring value.”

TruTrip offers full travel policy integration for businesses. This enables travellers to know well in advance if their request is out of policy. This automation of travel policy also means that managers have less approval requests to manage.

Our open API is one of the most open and advanced in the industry making partnerships simple. Some solutions that we have integrated on the TruTrip Appstore include Xero, Bamboo HR and Volopay. Companies can also integrate their own products with the TruTrip platform to make travel management more seamless and efficient. 

What’s in the future of business travel and TruTrip?

“For businesses that are embracing the remote work model, I think we are all recognising now that although remote work is great in many situations, it doesn’t work for the long-term. If you really want to get a team focussed on a problem, the best and most effective way to do that is still to get people together in the same room.

Micro-events will be important for remote working businesses. Within Malaysia itself, there are several inspirational locations just outside of Kuala Lumpur that can be set up for team huddles and meetings. The same is true for other cities in Asia too. 

Other than providing setups for micro-events, some other things in the pipeline for TruTrip include:

  • Sustainability: Working with carbon offset or recovery tools to support businesses in their corporate agenda to reduce carbon footprint. 
  • Flexibility: Cancel for any reason with TruFlex for your business trips. Cancel at least 24 hours in advance and receive 80% refund in cash. 

Listen to Hugh’s full interview here or on the BFM website.

We are focussed on making business travel seamless and easy for you. If you are interested in discussing how TruTrip can help enhance your business travel programme, book a demo with us or sign up for a free trial

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